Maddelena was told, “You Look 30 Years Younger…”

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In my last blog post I shared some of the results experienced by folks who took the 6-month beta test of my Youthening Program.

Today’s youthening results comes from Maddelena de Sanctis of Italy, pictured, teeny tiny size, above. In her own words:

“Wendy’s Youthening Program has been a phenomenal experience. I have been told I look some thirty years younger than my age since using it! Not bad for a soon-to-be granny!
I have been seeking youthening techniques for as long as I can remember.  To that end I have included yoga, healthy eating, exercise as well as healing modules such as Matrix Energetics to my daily activities.  But notwithstanding some success, Wendy’s process has definitely been the “cream on the cake”.
I noticed that the fine lines around my mouth disappeared completely after the third Youthening Download.  Please note I was looking at my skin under fluorescent light in the bathroom mirror.
After Youthening Download #4, young men were asking me out on dates!!  People were demanding to know what face cream I was using. Others insisted that I must have had a surgical skin peel.
After the fifth Download, my eyes were shining, and appeared larger.  Add to the physical effect, I was tuning into a higher energy vibe after each download, and this was resulting in more creativity.  I began a new work outlet, and designed and built a blog.  More comments from others followed, such as “If I looked liked you at your age I would sign on the dotted line!” I then met up with some old friends in Rome. Mauro, a friend of some twenty years, walked up to me and said “What are you doing, sleeping in the deep freeze?”
So what gives with these youthening downloads? I believe that when we tune into each of these downloads, divine light washes through our cellular structure.  I believe it flows freely from the etheric dimensions.  I am reminded of those who have had near death experiences and insist that grandparents greeting them from the other side appear as a “younger” version of themselves.
Could it be that the unified field pervading all things resets the aging download, cleaning up the subconscious, the left brain hemisphere and the collective unconscious when we access these downloads?  In other words, does it deprogramme genetic modules that believe in aging?  In any event, I laugh more, worry less, and sense I am connecting to innovative thought forms and etheric dimensions where aging concepts are non-existent.
I began to think that when we download this Youthening Program we might even learn to see through games of “fear” and “death” and above all access the cosmic love gluing our universe together.  When I was in India I remembered how the older Sadhus, the holy men and women, glowed.  Their faces were smooth notwithstanding white hair.  They “looked like” children dressing up as grown men and women.  Were they automatically downloading such a Youthening Program?
When we are young, we are open, innocent, and joyful.  We are ready to play games with reality.  Perhaps when we download the youthening programme we automatically reconnect to child like “beingness!” Our very essence remembers what it means to be young.
Perhaps this program is not just about youthening, it is about loving kindness, believing in miracles and that anything is possible! The prospect of infinite possibility will surely rev us up to a faster energy field. We shine from within it. The universal field resonates within us. And we youth. Could it be that simple?”


Intrigued by Maddelena’s story?  Click here to experience the Youthening Program for yourself 

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Linda D.

Thank you Maddelena for sharing your amazing results, and thank you Wendy for posting this eloquent description of the process itself!


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