A Candid Conversation About Your Youthening Results

The other day, I asked you to reassess yourself using the Youth Assessment Test you first completed 6 months ago. If you haven’t done that yet, download a copy here. (And, what the heck, why not score yourself with it now?) Once you have that before-and-after perspective in hand, let’s talk candidly about the results you and others have experienced, including your thoughts about them. For example, what did you expect you’d be experiencing, youth-wise, at the end of this program and how do you results today compare? And, if you’re experiencing satisfying results, what are your thoughts on why that is? Also, if your results weren’t as high as you’d like, what do you make of that? And, the quiet of your own thoughts, what factors do you feel account for differences between various members results? And if someone wanted to take the program over again and ‘do’ something different to realize more change, what would you suggest in the way of tips, suggestions or ‘secrets’? I’m interested to know… Also, let me say again that after you’ve completed the next 6 months of Youthening Support I’ve set up for you, you can take the entire Youthening Program again any time you like. In fact, 6 months from now, I’ll send you instructions on how to start back at Day One of the Youthening Program to repeat it again. (And you might want to – after all, by then you’ll be a new person starting the program from a new place.) But for now,to contribute your thoughts to a candid conversation about Youthening results, leave a comment below. Or, if you prefer, email me privately at wendy@wendydown.com. PS. As I said the other day, if share your Youth Assessment Test results with me, I’ll support your ongoing youthening with 6 more months of Youthening Support including 3 new Youth Boost recordings I’ve made!  

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Wendy Down

I’m so happy for you, Caroline. May the wonder of this forever remind you that, no matter what circumstance you are in, it can always be magically transformed!

Caroline Connor

Hi Wendy

Well its been nearly a year since I signed up for the Youthening program. I listened religiously to the first 10 and then got distracted by ‘life’ and sort of thought nah nothing has happened who am I kidding – which is weird as I believe this stuff works…. as a result I never did the extras you sent in the months that followed but am sitting here as I said nearly a year later and came across the ‘What is it my higher self would appreciate about feeling younger’ document I filled out before I started and and nearly cried… the changes while gradual have been extraordinary.

In fact EVERYTHING I wrote on that document bar two things has come true for me… this is what I wrote in the Why Am I Youthening post

So after reading most of the comments, I got down to do my list and have broken it into 2. An ask your Greater Self list and the one that inspired me to join – a physical list which is purely vanity but I feel it is as important as my Greater Self as it is all parts of me as I am today.
Thank you everyone for the ideas which guided me to ask questions I probably wouldn’t have 🙂
What is it my higher self would appreciate about feeling younger?
A less jaded weary feeling
Less regret
Belief in myself and the energy and perseverance to carry through on new business ideas
To feel young, sexy & beautiful again
Feeling attractive to the opposite sex
The feeling of being carefree and that I have my whole life in front of me still not behind me.
The will power & discipline to see things through from exercise to diet to creative ideas
To depart from the reality we are currently living in to an ageless version of myself – physically emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
I want to have a vision, possibilities and not be bound by the restrictions of earth as far as ageing, life, career, purpose goes.

A feeling of being lighter and finer of body – more fairy like – it’s like the heavier I have got world weary wise the heavier I have got physically.
Improved skin texture & tone
Improved muscle tone, flexibility and athleticism
Vastly improved eyesite
A lot less grey hair
More energy and vitality
A renewed love of exercise and healthy diet

I am GOBSMACKED with what I wrote and how much of this has actually happened for me!!!

Apart from eyesight and grey hair LITERALLY everything else has come to pass in the time since I signed up.

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant – and truly inspiring for me to continue down this path

You are a gift Wendy!!!

Much love

Stephanie Douglas

Hi Wendy,
After the just the first download I shifted out of feeling doom about the future and aging. I had a childhood injury that impacted my health and has been the focus of decades of unsuccessful treatment. The downloads accompanied me through challenges of another round of treatment with new doctors and the outcome so far is measurable success bringing optimism about continued improvement. Experiencing my body regain health after a lifetime of compromise is second to coming out of the depression I’ve lived in for years . I look forward to more support from your downloads and thank you for making it available.

Wendy Down

That’s wonderful, Tori, and yes, expect the changes to continue!

Tori Anderson

I am glad I took the written assessment at the beginning. As new (better) ways of being and experiencing myself become natural, I can easily forget how far I’ve come. From a numbers point of view, my overall score is 13 points higher now than when I started. I’ve had improvement in several areas, but the most surprising is that my hair is less grey. It’s surprising because I didn’t care much about it … which corroborates the point that neutrality allows change to happen. A great surprise has been moments of clearer vision. When I first started, I wished for better vision, but did not experience it. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed more and more frequent moments of good eyesight. It’s fun to notice which thoughts create the changes. I’m happy and encouraged with my results, and look forward to continuing results!


Hi thought this might be interesting

” Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer demonstrated that time is a relative notion. A group of people over age 70 was taken to an isolated area where a scene from 1959 was exactly replicated. The furniture dated to that year, they were shown films from 1959 and even the newspapers and magazines they were given came from that period. Within a week the group’s actual symptoms of ageing had reversed. The joints in their fingers were more flexible and their eyesight improved. Langer concluded that because the participants were given the same mental information as in 1959, their bodies began to adapt to the physical situation at that time. One of the possible explanations is that these people in their 70s made contact with their own energetic blueprint from 1959, and their bodies followed suit.

“The American doctor and author Deepak Chopra puts it this way: ‘Time is dependent on our perceptions. No experiment has ever proven the existence of the continual movement of linear time and the concept has never been expressed in a mathematical formula. The experience of the continual movement of linear time is a phenomenon that was created by our nervous system. In fact, the past, present and future exist simultaneously, side by side, in a field of endless possibilities. The experience of linear time is the way in which nature protects us from experiencing everything at the same time. But that is what actually happens.’ Einstein put it more concisely: ‘Space and time are modes in which we think, not conditions in which we live.’

Wendy Down

Thanks Maddy. I consider you brave because you are willing to be beautifully young in a society that considers this impossible. And because your doing so creates confusion in yourself and others over the challenges to norms about roles and relationships this creates. You are a pioneer in the flesh of this new potential even as you live the experiences of a normal human life of ups and downs in other ways. 🙂


Hiya Wendy, I do not know why you say brave???? I am scared of quite a few things, mainly the fact that I live in fourth dimensional reality and therefore “disassociate” . So I have to concentrate on not losing my purse, not forgetting where I put things, and generally keeping my finger on the 3D button. But saying that people tell me I am brave because I have done, in their view brave things. But that does not make me brave, it makes me dafter than most because I tend to think I “can” do the impossible. When other people would not even consider what I think is possible in a month of Sundays. You are similar in those types of bravery stakes Wendy. You just go where people would never dare to. I do love your work, I find it sooooo inspiring. I had a thought when I was young, when somebody said to me “We all start looking ghastly when we get old!” I said “No I don’t think that. Why should we. Who said so?” because living in fourth dimension makes it easier for me to escape all that pickled type of thinking. But I still have to be in the world, and that can be hard for folks like me, out on a limb, avoiding “the box” like crazy. Fed up with intellectual crap trap, etc. Holier than thou people, all the know it alls. You have a wonderful attitude to teaching. Your lack of self importance and ego probably keeps YOU young too. Love to you, Wendy you are superb!


Hi there Elizabeth, yes I feel just like you!! The “old and the new worlds” that is a great way of putting it. The new world beats the the three dimensional old world any day. May be 3D only is made up of so many crushing morphic fields, one feels like a pickled onion at times. Pickled in millions of years of “That is the way it is!” perceptions foisted on us by religion, etc. Science is catching up, but it is taking its time. But Elizabeth, when the new world works, and one becomes profoundly comfortable in it, it is amazing isn’t it? I feel youthening is not just about “looking” older. Looking older also includes stooping, hobbling, shrinking and crinkling mentally. People’s faces take on their perceptions and beliefs. Amazing situation. So yes, making that new world stronger also means talking to angels, being grateful, realising how amazing the experience of life is, forgiving, forgiving, forgiving, and just getting up each morning and gazing with peace. I am getting on that peace train for sure. I have given up trying to convince the cynical and “realists” and getting all angry like them. I let them get on with it now, I am out to play with fun and wonderful people like are on this site. I went out for lunch yesterday with my 28 year old best friend, and we had a great time in Grosseto in Tuscany, Italy, we bought each other presents, we giggled at silly jokes. We checked out the great looking guys, we stuffed ourself in the best restaurant in town, and we starting planning our next nice and naughty exploits over a glass of red vino. The sun was shinning, the sky was blue, and even though I still hobble around with my healing broken leg, I realised enjoying the wonderful things of life is the most youthening of experiences. Bless all!

Wendy Down

You’re in the midst of wonderful learnings about the connection between inner and outer, Linda. I celebrate you and your explorations on this topic! I too found it important to make peace with the idea of this ‘not working’. Surrendering to what is is really just to give up the trying, which opens the door for grace to take over.


I also have been thinking that I look younger when I feel younger.
When I find a part of me that appears younger, I do have a tendency to worry that it will revert to looking older again & I have seen that happen several times.
From that I deduced that I needed to make peace with the idea of being old & baggy in order to release the energy I put into worrying about it so that that energy could then be used for creating the younger me!
I have been trying to focus on the things about myself that I find youthful & for me that requires a of of self discipline! When I am tired for example, I just can’t do it & get discouraged.
Some things that seem to have improved & show no signs of reverting are the pinguecula in my eyes ( raised areas of fatty tissue) which have become much less noticeable & the lines between my brows.
I did really want the signs of aging on my neck to disappear but that hasn’t happened yet so maybe I need to change on the inside a bit more first ???

Wendy Down

This makes perfect sense as a learning and calibrating experience, doesn’t it Elizabeth? When we start to see our physical appearance as malleable, most of us also want to know what influences it – our inner state being a primary one. A change in our reflection can make us even more aware of our inner state (joyful, sad, worried, whatever) and then when we alter that, observe for the external change. It’s a wonderful in-the-moment barometer!


I feel like Maddy in that I look according to the way I feel. The night I got Wendy’s email about auric fields, I was so inspired to be young – or really ageless – that I literally photographed that way. Other times, I feel bad, stressed, like I’m “aging” and I have to remind myself that whatever is “outside” is begun on the inside – my thoughts, my attitude, my beliefs. Do I believe we can youthen or not? Yes, of course, I do, because I’ve seen it firsthand!! I guess for me, it feels sometimes like I’m not convinced quite enough – my results aren’t “permanent”. But then I ask, what is??!!Sometimes it feels like living in two worlds, the old and the new. The old world believes we age in a linear way, this is inevitable, might as well surrender. The new world says I already exist right now as the “age” I want to be, so I can just align myself with her. It’s really fun to do that in any area of life, including career. So, I just keep nudging myself until the new world is stronger and more real than the old world……………

Pat Jessen

Well, I’ve compared my “before and after” scores for both times that I participated in this fabulous program. I’ve also sifted through the comments that are “allowed” through the filter here on my work computer.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I still see gray–somewhat thin–hair and some wrinkles, but I can detect a youthful quality, too. I don’t feel as old as my actual physical age, especially mentally. In fact, I feel much younger internally than I appear externally.

Some of the things that helped me were your comments about how our bodies know what to do with the downloads, just like they know how to digest food and grow skin, hair, and nails without being directed by our minds. I also liked a comment last year that compared the Youthening downloads to a deep under the sea launch of a missile that rockets up and up before you finally see it burst above the waves.

My results are not “out there spectacular” like those of many whose comments I’ve read. I would have to say mine have been “subtle but definite”…..and different this time from last time.

Wendy Down

Lynda, I’m so glad you are now able to drop into the zero point field so easily. And congratulations on the other wishes and desires that you’ve also realized. The good news is, there’s no end to discovering who you are and what you are capable of… ever.

Wendy Down

‘Rome could do with a facelift.’ love it! Love you too. Thanks for being willing to demonstrate what’s possible, Maddy. I imagine you must be very brave to be so visibly youthened.

Wendy Down

It IS good, Cynthia. Nicely done, my friend.

Wendy Down

Good questions, Joan! I find that connecting my inner experience (my focus, my feelings, my thoughts, my habits) with my body yields endless questions… then realizations too. It’s what makes being human and being consciousness itself so very interesting.

Joan Steffend Brandmeier

So funny what tricks I play on myself. I have been alternately hopeful and frustrated. The areas where I so wanted to see change (skin, metabolism/weight) have taken my attention way too often. Those are the areas where I did not see change!? Yet, I do the Youth Assessment and I score myself an 85! Am I just looking at the glass half-full on this issue and putting up a roadblock to real (and possible, I might add) change?


Cynthia Lee

When I started this program I was hoping I would look younger, less sagging, wrinkles, gray hair when it was over. I got something way better. I feel ageless. I don’t know if I appear younger to others. I don’t care if I do. I no longer think, oh, I am old now and I can’t to that. I just do things and it works or not. Just like it did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. My mind does not bring age into my actions anymore. I just am. I really like this way of being. It is good.

Thank you Wendy for the opportunity to be part of this experience.


Okay, here it is. I am looking a lot younger. I have had a few lapses brought on by life’s normal challenges, which as a person I tend to take to heart. When I get lapses, I get the electric band effect, I sort of revert to looking older. But only for a little while, then I reconnect, and youthen all over again. It is strange. When I get older little brown spots show up on my skin. When I youthen they go away. My inner state shows on my face much, much more than before! This is why the result has been especially interesting. Taking that into account I am a granny, the results are awesome. People who know me tell me that I am an inspiration, that “people my age” should not look like me. That I am a freak, that I sleep in the fridge, or come from the fairy worlds. When I met friends I had not seen for twenty years at a funeral, which was very sad, they were shocked, and so was I. I felt I came from another generation. My son laughs about it. Says that I strike people to the core with the way I look so young. Perhaps it is especially significant for people who have known me a long time. I have friends of twenty years. The other day someone said I looked thirty! But as I say, these youthening changes fluctuate according to my state of mind. But…. I have been winked at, flirted with, and asked out on dates by more than one young guy. One young man, old enough to be my son got rather hooked, but I pulled away because I “felt” too old. Ha Ha! Anyway, sorry he was really too young, and in the end I got rather bored. Since I have been on this programme I have lost eight pounds, and got smoother skin. I have not actually scored myself, and considering in the midst of all the youthening, i I actually broke my leg, yup! I think I am doing pretty well. I feel the youthening programme entering my auric field in tangible, physical waves. I directed it to my leg, and even though I still have a slight limp I see it as an added flavour. Rather than tripping over the cat to break my leg, I pretend I broke me leg bungee jumping!! So what do I think? I think that this programme is miraculous, yes I will go so far as to say that. And it is so much so that it opens a door on amazing new potential. To me it means that if we can youth ourselves with such incredible results we can also transform our world. What stops us other than our thoughts. Wendy, your morphic youthening programme field has hit the jackpot. Perhaps we could work on other things, like staying well, loving others, dematerializing remaining negative thoughts out of our unconscious mind. etc with the same methodology, the recording, the music. So when are you coming to Italy to youthen all these old cronks, Rome could do with a face lift. Joke. Love you. Love this site!

lynda borschowa

I wanted more than anything to “be in the zero point field” the place where I “know” things are happening and let it go. This is something I have struggled with for years. Now I easily “drop into what feels like a really cool state” at will, sometimes it just happens (bonus).
My next “wish” (tee hee) was to heal with my intent. I have had some awsome results playing with this, healing cuts really fast (minutes vs days).
Last I wanted to youthen and improve features. At the start I didn’t feel this could work. I knew it was possible, but it seemed more possible for someone else but not me. My feelings have changed. It feels very possible and I am now “playing” with that.

Thank you Wendy for this amazing program!

Lynda B.

Daryl Omura

Hi Wendy:

I went into the Youthening Program with the hopes of reverse aging as much as possible, especially my internals, as I felt like an old man inside at 55. By my inital assessment of 32, I think that was very true. But I was so excited to get started, especially after reading the testimonial of that wonderful Italian woman who reverse aged 30 years, and was being courted by very young men. So I was hoping to get some of that reverse aging mojo too. Anyway, sometime between the 9th and 10th downloads, I suddenly reclaimed my energy and motivation to exercise, and have done so daily since.

Now that I have completed your wonderful Youthening Program, which ended on June 27, 2012, my score is now 79; I went up by 47 points! Unbelievable, and also unbelievable that I was so run down at the start, late January, and have climbed out of my rut. My vision has sharpened and remained clear, and my physique has become leaner and stronger, and my inernals no longer feel old and sluggish, and an old glandular malfunction no longer bothers me.

Wendy, your program is so awesome that it has pulled me out of my old age, thank you! My face does look younger, and new hair growth is definitely black, not gray. I do still have a nagging bursitis problem, but my new exercise motivation has enabled me to get a handle on a cubital tunnel issue by doing the suggested exercises whenever I have a free moment, and the pain is reducing dramatically.

Thank you for creating and sharing such a life changing program with us lucky playground members, and when I first joined the CP, I couldn’t wait to bite into the Youthening Program. I am most grateful that I did. God Bless you Wendy, you are a physical angel, and I am forever grateful.



Boom shakalaka boom boom, prbelom solved.


In reviewing my individual scores, I noted some specific areas that I wanted to see improvement in at the start of the process, for example overall energy level, vision, mental clarity. I have certainly sensed improvements in these areas and in others not expected (mindset)! My score improved by 10 (is now at 80). This has been an extraordinary experience and I’m looking forward to the next six months. I agree, we are starting off at a different place now.

Sandra Cinco

Hello everyone,
I’d like to share my results: started at 64 and now it’s 80. What I noticed is that it really didn’t matter what my results were now and that is a huge difference because when I started the program I was really attached to my score.
I definitely do not feel the same way I felt at the beginning. I was so frustrated with my eyesight, my skin, my “tummy” and my grey hair. Now, it doesn’t matter much and it’s such a rellief to not be worrying so much and looking at the mirror all the time…especially at my grey hair.
Also, my energy level has increased and I am amazed at how much I get done and how I feel…I am still in shock looking at myself doing so much.
It was very interesting to see that I feel neutral about being optimistic about the future. I read the question: How optimistic I am about the future and I felt blank, there were no thoughts about it. I am feeling more present now than I did before.
I am definitely less attached to youthening/aging and that is very satisfying 🙂
Thanks Wendy!

Irene Byrne

I started the youthening download hopeful but a little afraid that the changes wouldn’t happen to ‘me’. But I was able to for the most part let go and see. And some days I feel very youthful and other days not so much but….the biggest change for me happened recently with a huge shift in thoughts – I became aware of how often I factor my age into decisions I make…..ie I would only consider dating men who are close to my ‘biological’ age, or women ‘my age’ where more sensible shoes, or competitive kickboxing is for younger women and on and on…..now that I am so keenly aware of that thought process more things are opening up…..I am catching myself as well as looking for those thoughts to make sure I’m not making decisions that I think are based on personal choice but are really based on my age. It’s a really cool thing that I am just starting to explore and I am really surprised at how often it shows up. But along the way I did have some very noticeable and measurable physical results including more alot more good hair days and alot more strength and stamina.

Linda Dodrill

One thing that has yet to manifest for me is complete miraculous healing of my left foot, and while I was hoping for its regeneration, I realize I have yet to allow it completely, even with a private coaching session with Wendy. As Toni said, it is important to detach or “not care” about results, degree and timing of them and to just be. With that said, I have felt the bones shift more, the ball of scar tissue that sits where toe-joints once were (and will be again) has reduced in size dramatically, and the dipped-down scar on the top of the foot has filled in and faded as well. So it is ON ITS WAY! And yes, I think I will repeat the program again, and see what more I am now ready to allow and receive! WooHoo!!

colleen moore

I went into this a bit skeptical that it was even possible to reverse or slow down aging. I got busy and did not do the pre-test. In fact I was so busy that sometimes I would rush through the down load or be weeks behind the group. I just gave myself space for this. I wonder today if my lack of comittment wasn’t a reflection of my skepticism.

The good news is I got alot out of the program. Just the conversation pulled me out of a hopeless attitude about aging. I began to focus on my youth instead of my age. I attracted a lover/partner during the 6 months. He is seven years younger than I. His comments about my age is that I act 17 years old. He can’t believe how energetic and youthful I am. This is a good reflection because it reminds me to focus on what I have rather than what I don’t have. I am 53 years old and my partner’s father guessed my age at 43 years old. My kids say I look the same age as my partner. I don’t know if it is the result of the youthening program but I am clear that the program helped me to expect youthening instead of aging. I believe my expectations create my reality 🙂 I also recognize how deep the acceptance is that I am going to age! I am looking forward to going at it again so that I can change some of these conditioned beliefs.

Thank you Wendy!

I am looking forward to going at it again.

Emily Sonnenberg

I knew there would be transformations however I had no expectations as to what those transformations would be. Being 22 I didn’t have much physical work to do but I had some old lady habits trapped inside of me. The first time I filled out the Youth Assessment I was so critical over everything about myself. “My nose isn’t perfect” “My eyesight is brutal” “I could be better at everything” Now looking back I can’t believe I ever felt that way! How could I not give myself 5’s across the board? I have never felt perfect and satisfied about myself and now I do. Sure my eyesight still isn’t top notch but looking back over those 6 months, I kept noticing my eyes doing “weird things” as I called it. I wasn’t always able to focus, sometimes they would get dry… So a transformation IS occurring. My nose that once seemed too big for my liking is now quite cute. Looking at pictures of myself from the winter and then now is shocking. I look like my best self. I appear on the outside how I feel on the inside.
My tip for those struggling would be that you have to know and believe without a doubt that everything is malleable and nothing is in a fixed state. And just like with anything – to have a desired end goal in mind but hold no expectations on how you will get there or how long it will take. Congratulate and appreciate yourself every day for the things you love about yourself. When you’re only paying attention to the cellulite, weird hair, big nose or saggy eyes that’s what you will notice. What you’re missing is noticing the new shine in your hair, skip in your step, twinkle in your eye and that adorable belly button.

Pat Jessen

Hmmmm. I didn’t really know what would happen, so I didn’t know what to expect. Of course, I wanted to look 20 years younger, have radiant skin and hair, and become slim and athletic, with 20/20 vision. I knew that the Youthening downloads would be an awesome experience no matter what, and it was and continues to be! I am tickled to be part of this.

I probably hampered my results with my inner fears and feelings of not being entitled to a fabulous appearance. Why do we do that to ourselves? I spent the 6 months vacillating between “Oh cool! Are things changing?” and “Just stop it. These things can and do happen with others, but they don’t happen with you.”

One of the other participants presented an image of a rocket blasting up from the ocean floor, and that image really resonated with me. I started having more faith, and I experienced good results in the strength and flexibility department.

As for why I haven’t seen any improvements in an area that I really, really super-wanted to improve (cataracts and severe vision problems), well, I’m thinking, again, that my own subconscious has been putting up roadblocks. A little voice inside of me keeps saying “there’s something you don’t want to see.”

I’m excited about the additional downloads, and I plan to do the whole program again. I know that–like Wendy said–I am a different person now, and I’m curious to see what my results will be when I start over, 6 months from now.


Izabel Ganz

I find it an effort to put into words the “results” of the Youthening Program. Of course, walking easily without a cane, can be considered a much visible and “feelable” effect, and yet the overall beingness level is all pervading and elusive to define. Of course I am writing this today, after inhaling the ineffable first download of Body Sculpting whch has tripped me into another dimension, so the perspectives are astounding.
Parallel with the Youthening Downloads I have been dipping daily into the Concentration Exercises of Grigori Grabavoy. There is a coherence, a synchronicity between all that we can receive from you and from Grigori, are you dancing together in the Pleiades every now and then? Or are we being enabled to reach the very Source through your intermdiaries?
What I will specially treasure in the Youthening Downloads’ Program is the feeling that I got when doing the Youth Assesment Test, a sense of Self Acceptance, together with a no charge, more witnessing stance. I honored and enjoyed both the questions and the answers, with no compulsion for “results”, while enjoying the numerically measurable advancement.
I shall enjoy playing with the downloads again, from wherever on the timeline I find myself, so glad you are going to gift us with it. The limits have been blown, what fun! I wish, Wendy, we already had the 10,000 members of your goal – oh, I remember, it is already DONE!


Hi Toni – about repeating the Youthening Program, I’ve decided that the easiest thing is, after you’ve completed the next 6 months of Youthening Support, I’ll send you all instructions on how to start right back at Day 1 again. There will be new material added by then and I’ll tell you (in 6 months) how to get set up in ‘the system’ so you’re starting again as though the first time.

Christine Rydholm-Bennett

I left my thoughts on the Youthening in the usual space for comments. My results were through the roof, it surprised me , I even went back to re-check the numbers…
I tried to remain in a neutral place while receiving, sometimes I felt a lot, sometimes a little, I always felt something.
I am ready for another course of downloads . I know there are so many areas that will benefit from this.
Thank you Wendy !


It is hard to believe that six months have passed. As with a lot of things this past six months, I went through the youthening program pretty much in a hurry and let it percolate in the background and missed some days and played catch up others while I was so “busy.”

The overall points only changed 1 point, although some lines went up as much as 1-4 points and some went down 1-2. Where I had the most concern six months ago – energy levels and well-being, definitely shifted positively which definitely puts me in a much better spot. I’m surprised to see that my perception of other areas have shifted down (eye sight, overall appearance, muscle tone). I don’t believe that physically my appearance or muscle tone have changed for the worst, just my expectations and desires around them now that I feel better. My eye sight does seem worse, but I feel that this too shall pass.

I look forward to the next round!


Toni Delgado

I had no real goal in mind other than to let go, allow and notice difference as we went along. I am really thrilled to see a 32 point change in my youthening and to feel the difference in my body-mind.

I learned from Dr. Hector Garcia that we are so much more than goals could ever define us to be, so I like to let the Zero Point field create more opportunity for me than whatever my limited mind could do in any experience–especially one that is creating a morphic field so different from the status quo.

We are all unique expressions of the divine moving thru our own unique journeys…diversity is good. We have all brought forth different issues to address and transform. Some of us have brought forth lighter loads to unravel and experience. Some of us have done a tremendous amount of inner work. We all move thru material at varying speeds of process for what works best for us or for what we have been conditioned into. Some need more time in preparing and allowing new ways of being. There most definitely is a psychology to this that precedes physiological shift and change, it feels like.

For those joining me in retaking the 12 downloads to receive more benefit, I would say: Be as open as you can be. Be willing to care and not care about result at the same time…neutrality is probably a good place to sit in. Be willing to start differentiating your patterns and emotional thought experiences from your lineage and the collective and choose differently. Be loving and gentle with yourself. Be honest and honor every thing that comes up for you and if you need support, be willing to ask for it…and I will do the same!

Question: Wendy would you say every two weeks again for each download?

Young T.

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Wendy Down, M.Ed. P.O. Box 594 • Brantford, Ontario • N3T 5N9 • Canada

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