Are Members of my Youthening Program Actually Getting Younger?

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Three months ago I launched a beta test of my quantum state-based Youthening Program with about 150 members of my online community, the Consciousness Playground.

Those members are now half-way through the 6-month Youthening Program.

So… are they experiencing Youthening effects?

It certainly seems so.    (Unlike my two kids, Nick and Haley, pictured with me above. They are definitely growing older.  In fact, see here the little pumpkins they were just a short while ago.)

Each member of the Youthening Program completes a Youth Assessment Test when they begin the program and retakes it at the end.  While no member has yet been in the Youthening Program long enough to have their ‘before and after’ measures yet, here are a few comments made by members already:

“Since these downloads I have been told my skin is glowing and smooth, young and super lit from within”  (M., Italy)

“I noticed a remarkable physical change, one that I wasn’t expecting. Let me preface this by saying that I’m 45 years old and I have 2 kids, both of whom I breastfed for a year, so the ol’ gals weren’t quite what they used to be, if you know what I mean.  Well, on the fourth morning, I was astonished to notice that my breasts looked and felt as though I never had kids.  It was literally like turning back the clock 10 years or more. I wondered if I was imagining things, so I decided not to tell my husband and to wait and see if he’d notice. That evening as we were getting ready for bed… he noticed. Immediately. Let’s just say that both of us are enthusiastically awaiting the rest of the downloads and leave it at that.  (B.B, USA)

“When I listened to Youthening download 5, I could feel things in my face very, very palpable.   One of my intentions was for the skin in my face to be tighter. I could feel, really feel something. It was up by my eyes and checks as if something from the inside was pulling it tight. It was so cool! ” (A.H., USA)

“The main change I am noticing from these downloads is that I don’t feel that the “rules” of aging apply to me any longer…” (A.P.)

“I’ve been getting comments on how young I look lately. Like it! “(G.M.)

“I just listened to the recording for the third time and I could see my skin tighten up and my face reshape…. “(C.W., Canada)

… softer skin, more dark hairs sprouting on my head…. (S.O.)

“Ok, this is getting exciting. This week a new client looked at my brochure picture and said, “You should really update this picture because you look so much younger in person.” The picture on my brochure was taken four years ago!! Then today, I was at a meeting and saw someone I had not seen for a number of years. He exclaimed “You look like you are getting younger, what did you do get a face lift or something”! (C.M., USA)

“My youthful metabolism is back. I have easily shed 7 pounds of excess body weight since listening to the downloads.” (K.S.)

“This download was incredibly exciting for me….  I experienced a strong and powerful transformation in my physical neck pain, a pain resulting from being smashed in the jaw 4 years ago…  In the past 6 months I’ve had interrupted sleep, huge knots on the left side of my neck and constant pain. 
During the replay of the quantum download, I felt a fizzy feeling in the neck, exactly like a tablet dissolving during a “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” TV commercial. Most of the pain instantly disappeared from the knotted area. I was witness as my own molecules reconfigured themselves before me.
I didn’t say a word because I have been in total shock. I thought certainly by now, the pain would have come back, but it hasn’t. Although there is still stiffness at my shoulders, I’m turning and swivelling my neck back and forth like 90, with much more fluidity.  How cool is this stuff?!!  (B.G, Canada)

I went to the dentist the other day and after the gal was done cleaning my teeth she apparently looked at my chart and saw my age and then exclaimed “I would have never of thought you were 48″ I think something is happening!  (A.H., Texas)

I notice that now I am expecting youthening rather than wondering if it will happen. (A.P.)

Yesterday I attended a meeting and someone who hadn’t seen me in a year exclaimed, “you are so radiant…you look like years have fallen off of you”. At the end of that same meeting a man who has to be 10 years younger than me asked for my phone number for a date. Love it! (C.M.)

“…Very happy and almost busting out laughing as if I know something very wonderful that I don’t need to let my conscious mind in on just yet. “(J.T., USA)

In addition to experiencing more strength, I felt much more going on in my field and certain body places also. Whatever is ‘really happening’, thank you, Wendy, for this great gift. (E.B, Brazil)

I can’t say if these results are ‘typical’.

Its quite possible they’re not.

But if you’re interested in experiencing the Youthening Program for yourself, its not too late to join the beta test.  Its free, but to join you have to become a member of the Consciousness Playground.  For an affordable monthly fee.   3 days after you become a Consciousness Playground member, you’ll be invited to join the Youthening Program for free.

Click here to become a Consciousness Playground member now and set yourself up to start the Youthening Program in 3 days.

Why wonder if it might work for you when you can so easily find out for yourself?

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Colleen K. Peltomaa

That is good news and I am very happy for the good reports these people are getting 🙂
The data-set I am currently working with in my spiritual clearing suggests that every organ and system in the body has its own goals sets, which started out as positive and then cycles down through the matrix of the goals set to finally become non life opposing goals. I am not yet in that good of communication with my body systems that I can know what the original positive goal was (one processes the positive goal sets, not the negative).

I can therefore, from my own data-set described above see how your downloads can get one to process the currently running negative goals sets by invoking or holding and looking at the original positive goal sets. This will be permanent change in condition (and not sag) as long as one also creates and surrounds themselves with some creations and other importances to fill in the “vacuum” that body system might experience when it no longer gets [negative] sensation from running the non-life goals set(s). How about wind-surfing, LOL!



I have noticed several things since starting in Jan.- my skin seems to be looking more clear/finer, dewy/glowing, my upper eyes seem to be more open and “lifted” (one morning I thought- that’s odd my eyebrows are above my glasses rim!), I have more energy, am sleeping deeper, faster problem solving at work. It’s really working!

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