Does My Desire To Heal Suffering Actually Create It?

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Its an offensive question, unless you consider it from a quantum perspective, where the only possible answer is ‘Yes’.

After all, my desire to help others requires that there exist those who reciprocate by needing my help.    Now, if those folks exist independent of me, that’s no problem.  But on an energetic level where ‘what I put out is what I attract’, then my desire to heal suffering actually creates the suffering that needs to be healed.

Quantum-wise, there’s no getting around it.

I stumbled upon this uncomfortable realization several years ago.  And I saw that if I really wanted to live on a planet where healing wasn’t required, then first I had to stop being a healer.

And that was a problem because I had a lot invested in helping others heal.

Helping others gave me a great sense of satisfaction. It gave purpose to my days.   And by gum, it was the source of my income.

I got a lot of personal benefit from living in a world that includes suffering.    And I saw to my discomfort, that I had a lot to lose if I lived in a world where no one needed healing, no one needed help and no one needed my services.

At first that felt really bad.  Until it started to feel really good.

There’s a saying in quantum circles that “you can’t experience a reality you’re not the vibration of.”  Meaning, in this case, that if you’re experiencing a world that includes suffering, you can’t experience a world where there is no suffering.   Change your vibe, however, and you change the world you live in.

I realized that more than wanting satisfaction, purpose and income, I wanted to live in a world where no one suffered or needed help or healing.

And that shift led me to explore levels of consciousness play that are rarely talked about, much less discussed.

Starting next month in my online community, the Consciousness Playground, we’re going to dive in to this topic.   Its part of a new level of play that includes seeing how your inner ‘light’ can reshape your physical body.

Some will consider this focus frivolous in a world that has so many more serious things to be concerned about.

I couldn’t disagree more.   And starting in July, in the Consciousness Playground, I’ll show you how and why.

And what to do with yourself if you’re a healer who becomes a ‘former healer’ as a result.

If you’re ready to experience a suffering-free world, join the Consciousness Playground now.

Right now, we’re exploring this month’s theme and setting the stage for what’s next.



I came to this realization a month ago. The answer is yes and always yes. It put me in a wild and uncomfortable place. When my former mate exhibited her newly manifested dental work to be done I said “Good luck with that” in the most neutral way possible. When my mother rattled off her list of friends who had died, or manifested some sort of new ailment…..I did not speak my thoughts to her other than “interesting” or “that must be difficult”

In the past my instinct was to comfort and cure (thus feeding into it), now I measure the pain as a blessing to the one who has manifested it for themselves, unless they ask for help, then I will gladly shift out any messy patterns.

We manifest every experience we have so we may be blessed by experiencing it. Not only does the healer manifest things to heal, but the sick manifest something to be healed.

Alexi Paulina

I did not see this thread until yesterday – very interesting question! My answer would be, “Yes and No.” Presently we are in the process of a global shift in human consciousness, which involves releasing a lot of accumulated energy (our “issues”), recognizing that beliefs are not absolutes, and erasing “lines of separation” (Ayako Sekino’s term) that we created to keep us in third density.

Once we have shifted, the role of healer may be one of offering rebalancing and soothing energy, rather than relieving suffering. Teachers will be those who find joy in sharing knowledge, from the level of an equal rather than a superior.

As I understand it, after the Shift we will still have contrast, but it will be much less marked than it is presently.


I loved reading all these comments – keep them coming! There’s lots to chew on here.

Gayle Gang

This is an interesting topic. One where the vibrational state that you look at it from will determine how you perceive it, in that moment. And since we are never really just one vibration, but a kind of average of all the shifting we go through – the bouncing between polarities – so to speak, we can find ourselves in the ‘ole paradox game of straddling the opposites and saying one thing here and one thing there. It can be perplexing, this reality stuff.

Trying to get our heads around such stuff is probably where we go wrong. Translating into words even more stumbling and putting it out there for other people to jump on board with it…well…that’s where we notice it the most. Unless someone is finely tuned to your exact frequency, there is bound to be a “discussion” show up. Of course, in the idea that you make up other people in the first place, that can make you even more confused.

There is so much we are discovering about living in other dimensions that as we find ourselves dipping our toe in here and there whilst getting on with our regular ‘duties’ of this frequency that we’ve set up for ourselves, we are bound to have some growing pains…some growing suffering, if that works for your process AND some exalted moments where it might feel you are ready to shed the identity and step outside of this duality game. And that is fine, but I get the feeling that most of what you are used to might not show up in that other version of reality, the other dimension without duality. In fact, there is of course a version of you already over there (if there was a place) that you can draw inspiration from as you get bigger and bigger glimpses of that frequency. So, for me it still feels like a process to me, granted, one that is moving very fast.

I’ve heard it said that our brains hemispheres are merging into one and the extremes of polarity are becoming less extreme. I think it’s really the game we’ve signed on to in this dimension at this time to experience and even guide the process of balancing out polarity, at least the people that I notice I’m in resonance with.

It’s so hard to talk about these other places without sometimes blowing a fuse in our shifting-selves minds. If this is the dance, where you are trying to get to where there is no suffering then denouncing the idea of suffering doesn’t seem to me to be the process. I really think you just find yourself where there simply is no suffering, effortlessly. I don’t think it’s something you have to make happen, as much as notice that you ARE there already, where that is the case. (oh gee, I haven’t noticed any suffering lately, cool). And so far for the mortal part of us, that has been a step by step kind of process of going to see healers, who of course are you, to help you reconcile with the resistances and misjudgements and even help remind you that suffering will always help to define the complete, paradoxical opposite of bliss. Entangling with a healer buys you some time in another state to remind you or introduce you to a new you, a different frequency. The permission slip idea. When you shift into a more infinite state, I believe it means that you have access to all of it, if you want. It’s like loving it all. And where the crap is so loved as the stepping stone it was that it’s revered as sacred too.

So perhaps redefining healer to mean reminder of blissful states is a useful approach. Maybe going to a healer is like hanging out with a part of yourself that is the vibration you want to be in. And of course the best “healers” have always known that they we more like witnesses to someone’s process as a type of self regulating sychronistically occurring cycle of a bigger system that we are part of.

just some thoughts! lol!


Marnyka Buttry

Very excited to explore this. My money concept shifted in this fashion this week. Hard to put into words, but very easy to see and experience it while still living in this present moment where everything still “looks the same”

Kristin Clarke

I’m glad for this topic to be “ON THE TABLE” , in clear view…. I have struggled with this same question over the years and now with the wonderful group energy behind it, I have a sense it will provide a large opening into a more aware, expansive reality.

For me, I believe we were born with ancient DNA that carried old, distorted beliefs about needing to suffer (perhaps as a way of repenting for sins of forefathers and myself) going back to the beginning of time. So the task at hand for me, is to become aware and consciously choose a different perspective that is birthed in my Zero Point Field Reality and does not contain our societies “default” beliefs about deficiencies and suffering.

(time for a little “step, ball change” music !!!!)

Right now I am in the process of resolving my belief about my personal deficiencies…and as those are shifting, my view of external suffering and subsequent need to heal them will also change and refect my new expansive, aware view.

Haven’t been this excited in a long time!!!
Time to break out the salsa music!!!!


Well said. We must, in the new energy, be clear in our intent and with the words we use. “Suffering” and “healing suffering” is the same energetic frequency, the same as war and anti war are the same frequency. However, perfect health and wholeness, and peace are totally different energetic, ie creative frequencies. Be and communicate that which you wish to see manifest.

Sean LeMay

Yep, interesting alright!

A lot of this really hits home. Part of me really resonates with the thought…”Finally!”

It’s like a door I’ve opened before but slammed shut cause I wasn’t supposed to see that. But you always know there’s something out there…excited, nervous, fearful…open the door a crack and peek out and quickly shut it again.

Time goes by and you forget the door was there…or you try and forget…

So it’s provocative alright. Gets you thinking. Not sure if there’s really even an answer though. Could be Paul is right to a certain extent…it’s a confusion of levels. You can’t solve a problem on the same level it was created on.

So maybe we left that world of perfect peace to experience the amusement park called life on earth…and agreed not to remember our perfection prior to leaving. But we’re remembering, little by little for some of us…more and more for others.

Can we be in both places? hmmm

One thing for sure. And I think you know it… you can’t get the positive by focusing on the negative.

As a coach I’m sure you want people to tell you what they want. Almost no one can. But they can tell you what they don’t want. It’s your job as a coach to “re-couch” that phrase and reposition it mentally into what they DO want.

So “suffering -free” won’t cut it.

I’m betting you were only trying to stir the pot with your snippy retort about “I can say sex without having it”…you can’t say it without thinking it. And that reply is a non sequitur…on so many levels it doesn’t bear further discussion.

I’m not saying “don’t say the word”. I’m saying all our energy and attention should be on what we do want. Toggo nailed it.

Mother Theresa wouldn’t fight against war…she would fight for peace.

What you resist persists. Should I go on? Don’t think I have to.

It’s kinda like identifying your unconscious needs. Even if you don’t have any (or many)…if you go looking for some, you’ll find them. 😉

This should be an interesting adventure.

I just want to make sure I’m looking for a treasure and not trying to avoid boogie men before I get too far into the jungle.


Izabel Ganz

I could not resist it Sean – this Mother Teresa is evoked as a paragon of virtue, while in India she was known as a agent of Vatican, and quoted, when admonishing a man dying of cancer in terrible pain ( there were no painkillers in her hospital) – “It is Jesus kissing you”. Coming out against Irish women asking to be freed from the marriage vows to abusive drunks, at the same time she approved of Diana’s divorce plans – of course, the Irish poor could not donate millions to the Vatican coffers! You may want to look up “The Hell’s Angel” by Christopher Hitchins, banned from the US by catholic intervention.


Cool exercize Wendy – I can only begin from where I am, so in this moment that would be from “my” current body/mind.
I begin with myself in choosing and accepting a joyful, playful, loving experience/existence…


Oh yeah ! It surely was life changing when I determined everybody was already just fine…and free !…to be and do what was true for them according to their consciousness. My time is my own now…and my cell bills are almost non-existent…Now…about increasing my income…

Tuesday Wells

This is really very intriguing.
Now, what do we tell all
the people who come to
us for help???

Izabel Ganz

Tuesday, aren’t we supposed to see them free of the “problem” they come to us to eradicate, dissolve or make disappear?

Izabel Ganz

This will probably take a few convolutions to come out into conscious shape (s) and the merry-go-round is spinning away, flashes from so many directions…
The other day someone from the past asked me “Why are you no longer a follower of the Buddha?” – well, his entire Dhamma structure is based on the premise “Life is suffering” . So where can we go from there? Straight to the cross with the mutilated dead body, energizing the consciousness of much of humanity for over 2000 years. It’s getting predictable, no?

Your question started something deep and non conscious happening, somehow similiarly to the Concentration Exercises of GG.

I think – no, I KNOW – that I have within me, perhaps a bit locked in but very real – the EXPERIENCE of a FULLY EASY AND ENJOYMENT FILLED ( replacing the words “suffring free” ) LIFE . I am game Wendy, let’s get on with it!

Michael Low

Hi there,
As we are literally running into the 7th golden age on this planet right now the human soul does not have to suffer any more. Yet many people will choose to – it is their “thing”.
They get to talk about it, get attention, control situations and people with it,etc.
So the healers energies are blocked and that is their choice. This could create more suffering but that situation will not be sustainable on a planet with a much higher vibrational rate. Love and unity consciousness will see to that. Suffering is an old negative energy that is reaching its sell by date as far as I can tell and there are many ways to release it provided the will is there. Michael Low

nancy peters-oliver

When I started down certain paths of learning, I stumbled on the idea that I’m not repsonsible about how other lives their lives. When I became a parent, that morphed into something else. With grown children now, and the idea of “healing” others, I always have a caveat in the back of my mind- to the extent they allow. When I watch the “news”, I have gotten to the point of turning some of it off. Not that I don’t feel compassion, but it’s not a reality I’m currently in. Example- big, drawn out local story of the trial for the murder of a child. Tough to watch, do I want to know all the gory details? No.

Part of the New Knowledge I have worked with starts with the “rescue” of other, does that include me? Do I need to rescue others? What place does that put me in???

Paul Rarick

Love the question, Wendy. It’s very hard to argue with your reasoning on this one. Unless…

The physical world is actually a dualistic dimension and in order to experience one end of the spectrum we have to have the other end present as well. So, what that could mean is if you shift into a world where there is no suffering, that may also be a world where there is no opposite of suffering or even none of the points on that whole spectrum. Kinda hard to imagine but that might be why you can’t drop out any particular “color” of the spectrum.

I acknowledge there is a non-dualistic aspect of our being, and we may one day exist in dimensions that are non-dualistic. But, I think this dimension has that quality. You can choose to see that as an illusion, I suppose, but hard to get away from it completely while living here on planet Earth.

I think there are lots of people in the world who seemingly are not at all interested in being a healer, yet I suspect they still see people who are sick and in need of healing. I can’t know for sure, since I’m only in my little reality bubble. I guess you could argue that it only appears that way to me because I still live in a world where suffering exists.

There’s also a distinction here of “pain vs. suffering” which could be looked at. Suffering is more of an emotional resistance to what is. A person can be sick and dying and not suffer at all. Animals do that all the time.

Always fun to toss these kinds of ideas around! It’s good mental exercise. I may have burned a few calories just thinking about it.


I agree with everything you say in your article. Then you say the following:

“If you’re ready to experience a suffering-free world, join the Consciousness Playground now.”

And unless I’m missing something, this is a complete contradiction of what the rest of your article states. The only way to experience a suffering-free world is to completely remove your focus from suffering. This requires a complete removal of focus on healing anything.


I suppose, Toggo…

On the other hand, I figure that in the same way I can say ‘sex’ without having it, I can also say ‘suffering’ without having it too.

But if you suggest a way to re-word that, I’ll happily consider changing it 🙂


This one’s an interesting conundrum, since suffering is so deeply ingrained in us humans that the concept of living in a completely suffering-free world is up there with living in a completely gravity-free world. Both gravity and suffering have massive amounts of morphic resonance built around them, making both of them very difficult to eliminate completely.

However, it seems like what you do takes it to a level where you dramatically shift the energy level of suffering, so that people can start to play with it vs being victims to suffering.

And that’s where it gets fun – and I’m sure that’s why you love doing what you do so much, because for you, it’s not “work”, it’s play time.

But trying to create a suffering-free world has a negative in it. It invokes resistance, as it’s trying to remove something unwanted. And we all know what the Law Of Attraction does with that.

So how about something like “If you’re ready to turn the game of suffering into a game of joyful play, join the Consciousness Playground now.

Just my 2 cents (^_^)


Many years ago when I was an actor, we did a one act play in college that raised this very question. the form it raised it in was “If policemen did their job of eliminating crime, would they then be out of a job and an identity, which makes one wonder whether or not they have an ongoing investment in the perpetuation of crimes occurring?” they also posed the question about doctors, disease researchers etc. Many people are soooooooooo caught in their perceived identity that the unconsciously contribute to the energy of their ‘adversary’ simply out of fear of what they would lose if that adversary no longer existed. Great provocative point you’ve made about healers in general…keep going, i love the investigation.


Thanks, Michael.

I wonder who I first learned to ask provocative questions from?


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