Evidence That We CAN Reshape Our Bodies Through Consciousness Alone

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If you’ve been following my latest blog posts, you already know that starting in July in my online community, The Consciousness Playground, we’re going to be trying our hand at using consciousness alone to reshape physical matter. Specifically, ahem, our bodies.

If this notion seems intriguing (or preposterous) you’ll want to know that JP Farrell (pictured, left) has been doing this for years – with lots of evidence to prove it.

When I first came across JP’s story and the book in which he shares it, Manifesting Michelangelo, I cried for sheer joy. JP proves that it is possible to reshape your physical body and transform your physical appearance. (You’ll forgive me for mentioning that JP himself appears fairly easy on the eyes. As you might expect a sculptor of the human form to be.)

To see JP’s evidence, check out this short introductory video:

And if you’ve got the moxie to try your hand at it too (smaller ears, anyone? Less underarm wobble, perhaps?), you can do so by taking my experimental Quantum Body Sculpting Program.  Its not for everyone, but is it for you?


Yes, isn’t it wonderful, Magali?

Magali Pietri

Thank you so much Wendy, for having introduced me to Joseph’s Energy & ” Work ” ♡

I finished the book today and I cried for profound Joy too, as intense waves of energy were going through me.
All my Being was in prayer state, welcoming this Treasured Encounter.
I sensed pure Exhilaration and deep inner Release as my inner voice was saying ” At last, This Is happening !!! …The Time of Manifestation has come !…Alleluhia !…”

On my way to the Cheerful Ultimate Connection ☆

Peace ✿


awesome…and about time we start getting it in the tangible way that this level of life can be affected…most of the time people talk about transformation from the’software’ level…..this is the hardware level and long overdue as a point of focus…thanks wendy for this one!

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