Gregg Braden Explains How My Youthening Downloads Work

This week, members of my online community, The Consciousness Playground, began beta testing the 180-day Youthening Program I’ve been working on for months. The Program is built around 12 Youthening Download Audio-recordings I made. The recordings themselves are short and mostly silent. (Well, a bit of gentle music plays to let you know the recording is ‘on’.) Many members are reporting powerful experiences occurring while (and after) they listen. Some are asking, “What exactly is happening when I play your Youthening Download Recordings?” In this video clip, Gregg Braden does a fantastic job of explaining: Here, Gregg is talking about the ability of the ‘technology of emotion’ to heal cancer. On my Youthening Downloads, I’ve applied the ‘technology of emotion’, not to cancer, but to your state of youthfulness. On the Recordings, I hold various feelings (states of emotion) in which experiencing yourself as youthful is ‘already done‘. Same technology as Gregg describes. Different focus. Folks are starting to report changes already after only 1 week – I can’t wait to see what 180 days brings! BTW, if you’re not a member of the Consciousness Playground, you can’t join the Youthening Program directly. (Although you can see, on the right sidebar of this webpage, the “Youthening Program” link where members come and go to access the Program.) You can, however, become a member of the Consciousness Playground and, after a few days of orientation, be invited to take part in the Youthening Program beta test. More details to follow 🙂

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Izabel Ganz

As a point of interest, I report that the hospital in China is closed since 2006, replaced with government run hospitals using Chinese Herbs and some Chi-gong exercises. It is so much more important now to join, practice and promote programs such as the Youthening one, which I personally consider an Extreme Spiritual and Physical Makover! And not only for myself, my purpose is to be enabled to share my knowledge and experience with others, with more vitality, effectiveness and brightness!
In the Consciousness Playground the members can also have full instruction in facilitating the Organ Regeneration and Reconstruction Program coming from Russia, through Gregory Grabavoi. There are many transformations recorded, a former quandruplegic athlete in Australia is already walking! If you choose to join, and want me to be your sponsor, click on

Einiyah ben-Elyon

Wendy, thank you for posting this amazing presentation…awesome and precise. As a member of Consciousness Playground, participating in the Youthening Downloads. Audio #1 which we just finished conveyed muito forca (much strength)…just this side of intense sensations. While my focus is on strengthening the entire body, mind and field, in this instance the “force” I experienced was focused in my face and underneath my face, conveying that there was a depth to the energy experience. More to post on CP Forum. HERE to tell the World – THIS STUFF WORKS!

Thanks, Einiyah

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