How Does the Organ Regrowth Material Relate to My Youthening Downloads?

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Recently a member of my Consciousness Playground community asked a great question: “How are your 12 Youthening Downloads going to cohere or interact with the material that you have brought back from the Organ Regrowth Seminar?” The short answer is that the Youthening Downloads exist outside time and space – they are complete information on this topic on every level and they include everything I/we already know about Youthening as well as everything we will all ever know or need to know. They are the complete package. That means the Organ Regrowth and Regeneration information is already embedded into the Youthening Downloads, even though I wasn’t aware of this material when I recorded them. My own conscious understanding, expertise and life experience is unrelated to the quantum potential of the Youthening Downloads. Having said that, when we each encounter the Youthening Downloads, we will encounter them as the individual we are at that time. So whatever understanding we have of quantum physics, techniques for accessing zero point and beliefs about what’s possible will, I believe, shape the results we are unconsciously and consciously willing to pull from them. So the doors that open within you as a result of hearing and experiencing the Russian “New Knowledge for the New Age” will likely expand what you allow yourself to manifest from the Youthening Downloads. What I’m saying is that the Russian material won’t change the Downloads, but it may change who you are when you receive them. That’s why, while I will still make the Youthening Downloads available to everyone at some point, I have decided to trial them first within the Consciousness Playground first. There’s a state present there that is of such high conscious understanding and allowing of miracles that I want the Downloads to land into this collective consciousness first. In fact, a brand new Consciousness Playground member expressed this beautifully in a post I saw to the Members Only Forum only moments ago: I have only been here less than a week, and wow, do I feel it. The energy, consciousness of this group is permeating my days in the most extraordinary ways – nothing I can even begin to describe, but I am just very aware of how multi-dimensional I feel, and finally in a way that doesn’t scare me. (Mostly I just assumed before that I was just nuts). So much love.

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Wendy is certainly right about the “state present there that is of such high conscious understanding and allowing of miracles”. I see that in the postings on the CP board, and her way of presenting the Russian materials as well. There’s a very profound energy there, that’s quite unique and transformative! Have your best new year be joing the CP family 🙂


Due to the energy and consciousness in the Playground and Wendy’s loving and skillful coaching, after the exercise on December 21st 2010 I have released a basic negative concept which has been plaguing me all my ( long) life. On this Winter Solstice I have left all need for suffering behind! There is no way to describe the new freedom and peace – and excitement awaiting me with all the coming discoveries within and manifestations without!

Lillie Hodges

Wendy also your “ONE WORD” also just slips right into place in this NEW KNOWLEDGE…Into this multi-dimensionl-ness…and opens up even greater possibilities….

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