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What clients say about working with me:

I hired Wendy to be my coach because she is always on the cutting edge of the newest technologies that move people forward to living a very cool life. She’s a true pioneer in the world of coaching, continually learning and expanding herself and then sharing this new information with those around her.

“No matter where I am or what I’m facing in my life, I always feel better after a session with Wendy. On a technical level, she is among the most skilled coaches I have ever met. Work with her and I guarantee you will experience something new that moves you forward in a powerful, perhaps entirely unexpected way.

Having gotten to know Wendy on a personal level, I can tell you that not only is she a master of teaching and sharing these principles, she’s a living example of the benefits of being a conscious creator. Quite simply, she’s someone you want to be around because her wonderful energy is contagious.

Through the years, I worked with many coaches. Quite simply, Wendy Down is my favorite. And she’s an even cooler person!”

Drew Rozell, Ph.D. Writer, Coach, Trainer,

Granville, New York,

“My association with Wendy Down has had a dramatic impact in my life.”

“Wendy weaves her natural and playful intuitiveness with focused intent, together with her masterful grasp of cutting edge science and technology to produce nothing short of a transformational experience. She takes emotional healing to an art form. She lovingly inspires belief in one’s own worthiness. She embodies and shares something so magical, that with her guidance I have become aware of my huge potential for manifesting all levels of prosperity. And most importantly, I have experienced a greater sense of peace and joy. Thank you, Wendy.”

Barb Glover, Ontario, Canada and Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Before working with Wendy, I had struggled with anxiety and depression for several years and had tried countless techniques, therapies…”

“All of my apprehension disappeared the moment we spoke. Years of struggle drifted away in just a few uplifting sessions. Wendy helped me discover who I truly was as she guided me through removing much of my conditioned beliefs and behaviors – gracefully at that I might add.

I always had an itch to help others but it was not until I worked with Wendy that I was able to clearly see how I could do that; I soon bought a WaveMaker so that I too could help others to make profound changes in there life. I now work with my own clients and love every minute of it.

Wendy, you are truly an inspiration and a Leading Edge Creator. I highly recommend working with Wendy. It is a priceless investment in your self!”

Lee Ellery,

Ontario, Canada

What happened blew me away. As Wendy and I began to talk, within minutes, literally minutes; ALL was gone! I had been trying to get relief from this situation for hours and days and it was gone within minutes.

I had extreme feelings of sadness from childhood. I was consumed with self-hatred, anger, sadness and wanted to check out of this world. I gave Wendy a call looking from some type of RELIEF. This was my last attempt. If it did not work, I decided that I was done.

What happened blew me away. As Wendy and I began to talk, within minutes, literally minutes; ALL was gone! I felt Love, Joy and Laughter. I had been trying to get relief from this situation for hours and days and it was gone within minutes.

After we finished talking, I sat on my couch for an hour unable to move, after the hour passed I felt extremely tired. I went to sleep for about 15 minutes. Since then I have not experienced any of the feelings I was having. I truly feel light and joyous. I do not know what happened exactly but I am not the same person I was before.

My experience with that day literally saved my life. My life has completely changed on every level.

– J.S., Indiana, USA

“Wendy Down is an amazing coach, one of the best of the best!”

“I have had wonderful breakthroughs in my life as a result of working with Wendy. She’s insightful, very intuitive and has a great sense of humor, which really helps take you out of a “problem” mindset into a playful, “what’s really possible for you” place. I highly recommend working with Wendy and her programs.”

Diana Long, M.S., Professional Coach, Consultant and Speaker

Columbus, Ohio,

“The best way for me to describe working with Wendy is that she creates magical moments that result in immediate personal transformation.”

“Working with Wendy has awakened me to a whole new way of thinking that profoundly effected my beliefs and resulted in a greater sense of ease in how I approach my life. All in just a few sessions! I always have an amazing breakthrough when I work with Wendy. And to top all that, she’s a lot of fun to be around!”

Karin Rozell,

Wellness Marketing Consultant,

Granville, New York,

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