Email Coaching

You. Me. As much written conversation as you want over 30 days.

This coaching format is perfect for when you want my personal attention and support, virtually, for 30 days to blast through a stubborn or significant problem.

It works like this:

Purchase the 30-day Email Coaching Program for $247 by clicking here:

Within an hour, you’ll receive instructions about how to email me with details about the situation you want my help with.

We’ll start working by email right away.   At some point during your 30-days, I’ll send you an audio-recording (probably 8-15 minutes long) created just for you. Personal and specific to the issue you want help with.

Throughout the 30 days, we’ll stay in touch by email as often as you like. I’ll guide you on how to use your personal audio-recording, offer insights, further guidance and tools. Together we’ll track your progress as you bust through to a new place.

After 30 days, we celebrate! Its as simple as that.

And, of course, you can carry on or renew as often as you like. 🙂

Not sure if this is for you?   To read the private email correspondence and listen to the audio-recording I made for one client, click here to download the entire transcript of Kristin’s 30-days of coaching.


Below are some comments of what others have said about their Audio-Email Coaching experience. If you’ve worked with me in this Audio-Email format and would like to let others know what it was like, I invite you to leave a Comment below:


“The first time I listened to the recording you made for me, I was overwhelmed with sadness, regret and self-judgment. One week later when I listened again, that emotion seemed to be gone. By the third week, the entire problem, as overwhelming as it had been, seemed like it had happened to someone else. I can’t relate even to it anymore.”


“I notice the hopelessness seems to be gone. I always have plans for the future but now I feel they might actually come true. This is new.”


“I listened to the recording again. I felt a lot of heat… It seemed to be a very powerful release.”


“I waited awhile to be sure before I told you. That issue is gone.”


“I hope you’ll keep doing this form of coaching. It seems to work really well and I’m compiling a long list of things to work on.”

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Phoeby Sheldan

Wendy’s 30-day email coaching not only covered my expectations, but so much more. The clarity and actions manifested during our time also attracted a wonderful new client to me ! Wendy’s encouragement, shared wisdom, and insight propelled tangible proofs of success in my life. I’ll be back.

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