Private Breakthrough Retreats

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Your Private Breakthrough Retreat with me begins well before you arrive at my home in the countryside near Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  We’ll kick off our connection and  set the stage for our in-person work during a 60-minute phone session we’ll schedule right away.

During that phone conversation, we’ll begin to focus on the areas of life that you are ready to radically change.      And no part of your life is off-limits!

On the day of your Private Breakthrough Retreat, you’ll arrive at my home for a 10am start.   Over a hot cup of coffee, tea or fresh juice, we’ll begin our work and play in earnest.

Within the peaceful, serene environment of my office and home, you’ll have my undivided focus and support in making life-changing shifts at a comfortable, easy and powerful pace.   Drawing from the magic within each of us, we’ll work on every level of your being, adjusting not only emotional and energetic patterns that are getting in your way, but exploring new insights, perspectives and points of view that will support you in becoming who you want to be next.   And you’ll leave knowing what action to take when you return home.

Flowing from one topic to the next, you’ll find the day unfolding magically with ease, effortlessness and depth.

Besides spending part of the day in my office, we may go for a walk in the countryside around my home, lounge by the pool or enjoy the background sounds of the birds from my backyard screened room.

After a morning in which we unleash specific new aspects of the beauty and potential of YOU, we’ll enjoy a healthy lunch together and then you’ll take 30-minutes alone to absorb the events of the morning and regroup  for the afternoon.

We’ll finish the day at 3pm, by which time you will be feeling full-to-the-brim and satisfied.

But the end of that day doesn’t mark the end of your Private Breakthrough Retreat!

We’ll meet again for two more 60-minute sessions in the 60 days that follow to track, fine-tune and celebrate your progress.

Sound like just what you’re craving?

Book your Private Breakthrough Retreat now for $2500.

Or share your Private Breakthrough Retreat with a friend and pay just $1750 each. Contact me at for details.

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