Is your intelligence of the ‘multidimensional’ variety?

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In grade school, you may have been tested for your IQ or intellectual intelligence. And 12 years ago, the concept of ’emotional intelligence’ emerged. But I realized last night the most of the people I work with have a form of intelligence that is not yet recognized. I’m calling it ‘multidimensional intelligence’.

People with high multidimensional intelligence have deep insights into the nature of reality which could create a quantum leap if applied to their field of interest (the healing arts, music, technology, science, etc.) Until now, however, they have been deeply conflicted about coming forward with what they know for 4 reasons: 1) The level of consciousness where their insights exist is foreign to most people. Therefore, when they try to talk about what they know, they sound weird, off-the-wall, even insane. They vacillate between feeling powerfully gifted… and fearing that there may be something deeply wrong with them. They have no context for understanding or describing their unique form of giftedness which many have tried for years to hide. They continually battle misunderstanding, fear, ridicule and loneliness – both within and without.

2) Their insights cross fields of study – combining science and spirituality – and don’t fit neatly into any existing categories. Most of the concepts that would communicate their insights haven’t been invented yet. Because of this, they usually can’t effectively describe what they intuitively understand – even to themselves. They have neither role models nor a big enough sense of themselves to know that THEY are the ground-breakers, the rule-rewriters, the Einsteins and Gallileos of their field.

3) The scope of their insights and the potential for evolution of their field is so vast and their sense of themselves so small that they continually question, ‘Who am I to know this? If what I know is real, wouldn’t others who are smarter than me be talking about it already?’

4) Because the nature of this form of intelligence extends outside ‘normal’ human capacities, others often feel uncomfortable around them. Deeply pained by this, they have a lifelong habit of holdiing back and playing small in order to maintain connection with others – which they crave. They fear that if they were ever to fully ‘come out’, others would abandon them and they would be alone. As children, they were either high acheiving students or daydreamers who unsuccessfully struggled to conform. Some have used their high intelligence to create success in a mainstream field of study (teacher, leader) while others struggle even now, never able to contort themselves to fit into a traditional form of employment. If the latter, they feel like failures. Their deepest pain is knowing they have something extraordinary to offer – something new to birth – but don’t fully understand what it is or how to do so.

Without exception, they have had deeply spiritual experiences which they rarely talk about. They have been voracious spiritual seekers and have attended many workshops and studied under many teachers. They may not be aware that what they sought was not only information but also the example of a pioneer comfortably and confidently speaking about his or her controversial ideas. By now, most are tired of studying the work of others but don’t know what to do next. They don’t realize that their next step is to become a courageous pioneer themselves.

Because it is hard for them to find peers, by default they spend a fair bit of time alone – in meditation, reflection or imagination. They long to find others to help them understand, claim and express their unique form of giftedness. They generally have a supportive circle of families and friends. If they have children, one of their children may also be gifted in an unusual way as well. While being deeply spiritual, they do not find traditional religious services satisfying. They may consider themselves New Age.

They spend a fair bit of time online, looking for information that will explain them to themselves. They rarely post their own blogs (too risky!) but admire innovative and daring views expressed by of others. They may occasionally contact such individuals, expressing their appreciation.

People with high multidimensional intelligence can quickly assess the level of consciousness of an individual, teacher or website and know which has something new to offer them. They regularly return to places and people that meet them where they are at. They download audios, attend teleclasses and sign up for newsletters. They occasionally purchase items such as CD’s that are delivered by mail but not as often. They rarely attend live events, since there seem to be so few others like them to gather with. Live events usually disappoint them.

They have read every well-known author of spiritual or personal development and many obscure ones as well. They take part in physical activities that nourish them and which connect them to the divine. They may practice forms of movement like yoga or dance, spend time in nature or take part in a demanding sport such as running, dance or martial arts that not only challenges them physically but transports them to a higher degree of consciousness as well. They have a single creative outlet that serves this purpose as well – writing, painting, meditating, cooking, gardening, teaching or volunteering. When they encounter a new resource that speaks to them, they are able to act – buy or join – quickly. They don’t need to think it over or consult with anyone else.

Before they reach the end of a product or program description, they know when its something they want. Because their abilities allow them to sense the consciousness of the writer or product, they often don’t even need to read all of the words to know they want it. However, given that they may not be successful in traditional jobs, cost may be a barrier. Usually, the strong desire to have what is being offered overrides this concern. And since they can manipulate reality, the money for it often materializes anyway – unless they sabatoge that.

Those aged 35-55 are the first large wave of adults to have high multidimensional intelligence. Their driving need is to find the courage to apply their unique and profound awarenesses to the fields of study they love. Without outside recognition and encouragement, however, the prospect of doing this terrifies them. On a deep level they understand that this very thing is what they were born to do. They have been in conflict about expressing all of who they are for their entire lives. The chronic nature of their conflict may show up as a physical malady.

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, allow me to mention that the people I work with are men and women of high multidimensional intelligence who have the courage to radically transform their chosen field of interest in paradigm-shattering ways. I provide a place where they are fully seen and understood on every level so they feel safe to claim, explore and express their talents and selves with nothing help back. This website is a place for folks with high mulitdimensional intelligence to start talking about what they have to offer to a world that is only now becoming ready for them.

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I am definitely over 55 ~ on my next birthday (May 21) I will be turning 57! My aunt posted one of those “games” on facebook that stated:
“Only 7% Of The Population Have This Type Of IQ, Do You Have It?”
Turns out it was about Multi-Dimensional IQ, and I scored a perfect 100%! Which seemed a bit crazy to me because it was so EASY. Honestly, I just don’t understand how anyone could possibly get any of the answers wrong. At any rate, all my life I have felt like a square peg being forced into a round hole ~ this could go a long way to helping explain why.


I’m the same Brian. I can fake it and be the most entertaining host or the joy of the party when I want it but it’s not the real me. Maybe it’s part of being multi-dimensional.


Thank you for putting thoughts in our inner mind into words,
and helping us to understand ourself better.
Thank you so much.


I enjoyed reading the article fully. As I was reading, it appeared that I was standing on front of the mirror looking deep into my eyes/mind…..


Like I’m highly financially and logically gifted, which seems to not be the case for most people with this ‘type’ of intelligence. I’m also pretty sneaky and highly calculating. This ‘movement’ needs some heavy artillery; that means money and power, or it is never going anywhere. Problem is, folks like myself are getting bored/irritated with everyone and true empaths who haven’t fallen off the deep end are rare. I’d estimate that 90% + commit suicide before age 21 because they tend to be deeply intelligent and able but also absorbent of the very negative environment. So following that trend, what would happen if that number were cut to 70%? 50%? 30? Especially considering that the average person with those traits has extremely high abilities and can change a lot….but they’re weak alone. Strong in pairs, strongest in high numbers. That’s what really needs to happen. And sadly the ‘new age’ thing is an impediment to this, because its flooded with desperate sensitive people of above average intelligence (but poor social confidence) who just need something to believe in and hate religion. Potential can change but it makes you stray further from that potential.


I’m like this to an absurd extreme but I’m highly social and anti-new age. I guess I stick out like a sore thumb because I have high social needs but get very bored with everyone. I blend in really well when faking it though.


Congrats to you, Jim, for being open enough to hear that inner voice and to follow it!


The other day a voice spoke from inside and it said “we are multilevel, multidimensional intelligences”. I pondered this for a few days, coming to some interesting conclusions. Today i decided to type it into google and see where this led me. Thankfully i stumbled across this site as it has given my a clearer understanding of myself, and where that self is at. I am just beginning to understand the true potential that lies within.
Thank you Wendy

j. kiran kumar

hats off for this tremendous article. One core question itches me for several years “what for i have born?” but this article open my eyes to do some creative to the society and at the same time it also find out my errors and lack of deficiency. I hope from this day i will forget about me from today onwards and live the reasonable life with the ultimate object of my birth in this universe.


I read your piece last night and my heart resonated and quivered and sang and cried. Hugging myself with the permission to be the way I am, I accept whatever the mission may be still in this dimension, while embracing the lifelong yearning for home. Voices spoke in the night, still in code, sounding loud, congealing in notes, undefined harmony. I await translation and directions from where I belong, there is a place expecting my fulfillment.


Hey Elizabeth – thanks for your comment. Hope you know you are magical. And you have peers, many still feeling alone…


Thank you for this article! Amazing. A few years ago I would have said every single word described me and my life but I must be evolving into this aspect of my-self as today a few points no longer apply-thankfully. Nevertheless, I have a bit of the path left to travel to find my place in this world while living in ‘the space between’. It’s not easy and just last night I found myself in tears, feeling like a fraud because people naturally trust me with their most honest, deepest thoughts and yet I do not reciprocate as it would put my income in jeopardy. I say and do as much as I can to be authentic but…(My last employer called me Tabitha (from tv show Bewitched) and my current one has given me the nick, Radar (from tv show MASH). Still– to live my truth freely would be like being given wings! I’m working on it! Thank you so much for your support of persons like myself! Beautiful.


Hi Jenn – 3 heads and 2 lives – now thats multidimensional living for you! 🙂


Thank you so much for perfectly describing me!

I am constantly playing small in order to fit in, so much so that most of my “friends” have no idea what I know or can do! Then when I let my guard down they stare at me like I have 3 heads : ) LOL It’s exhausting to live 2 lives…..



A ridiculously accurate description of my life – point by point – which is almost…eerie! But what a relief to have it all so finely articulated. Thank you Wendy.


Hi Wendy
I am also one who has lived in this multidimensional arena and
welcome your articulation of the subject. Like you I work with
people who are searching for the why and how to express this.
In the past I was a follower of the type you mention and so many
over a twenty five year period on their own spiritual quest shared
with various ways to reclaim my true identity and power.
However also I rarely now follow others except to play in the delight
of equanimity and in the present mingling in the playground.
I trust and following my knowing now. It is my guidance system since
stepping into the elimination process of aspects that interfered with its clarity.
Its an awesome place to live and breathe from and I live each day with
gratitude in action for the blessing of my present moment being and my knowing.
So wonderful topic Wendy and thank you for the blessing for myself and for those seeking clarity in this area.
Sincere thanks
Maureen Sherman


I’m over 55; and this is brilliant. I’ve managed to have one foot in each world with some success. Now that I’m older, the spiritual world brought to earth is how I try to live.


Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul

Love this! I would definitely define myself as “multi-dimensionally intelligent” based on your descriptions.

I have to say, though, that I’ve put this way of looking at the world to very good use .. as an intuitive, but also in the process of consciously creating a tremendously abundant lifestyle.

I’ve completely stopped studying the works of others (they’re wonderful, but it just interferes with my own knowing) and am simply putting what I know out there, with great results. I guess I’ve come to see this different perspective on life as a gift …

Glad you’re voicing this way of being on your blog and your community!!!


Christine fr Nova Scotia

Wendy, I definitely knew I wasn’t alone and I know that we are obligated to share our gifts or we suffer tremendously. The only time that I truly feel like I belong here is when I am sharing Chair Massage and/or connecting with another’s pureness. It seems that simple. Keep up the fantastic work!
In Light and Love


Shannon – you definitely are in good company!

And Jane, I’ll give them your name! There are, of course, those of all ages with the capacity. Those in their 20’s and younger seem to accept their abilities more naturally. Those over 55 probably signed up to be even MORE ahead of the curve…

Jane Ferris

Dear Wendy

I will be happy to talk to those over 55 who also got this by accident!

Love and laughter!

Mill Valley, CA
born in Toronto

Shannon Duffey

Thank you so much! I have tears in my eyes I’m so happy that I have just read this! You summed up my entire life in one page. I will be taking this day off of work to attend! Words can’t express how grateful I am to feel like I am not alone. Blessings abound!

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