$2550 USD

THE MAINTENANCE PACKAGE (6 months of support)

This package is suitable for anyone I’ve worked previously who wishes to further their results at a relaxed, natural pace. The package includes one 50-minute session a month and allows you time to fully integrate the effects of one session before the next one rolls around just in time.

One-to-one sessions are supplemented by unlimited between-session access through private messaging throughout the 6 month period.

At this point, our relationship has become familiar and easy with many insider references and shorthands, like those with a very good friend. When you choose this package, you benefit from ongoing access to a skilled expert who knows your history well enough to help you customize your approach to new challenges. You’ll feel a level of familiarity, intimacy and support in your ever-evolving life journey you’ve not experienced before.

With this package, you have priority access to my booking schedule.


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