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Pure Sleep Now

What would it be worth to you to sleep soundly tonight?

Pure Sleep Now is a digital audio-recording for those who suffer from sleepless due to stress, like I used to.  

On the recording, you'll hear my voice gently guiding you to sleep as soft music plays gently in the background.

As you listen, you'll feel your stress first soften... then disappear.

The recording is immediately available to listen to online or download as an mp3.  

You don't need any special equipment to use it.

As you lie comfortably with your eyes closed, Pure Sleep Now will help your thoughts turn from stress to stillness and eventual peace.  

The recording resolves the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of stress that keep you awake.

The benefits of this sleep aid are:

  • Instantly available (you could be listening in minutes)

  • No dependency on drugs

  • No side effects

  • Inexpensive

  • It is not hypnosis

  • Easy and effortless

  • Resolves the root cause of stress for a cumulative reduction in stress symptoms with repeated use

Your Pure Sleep Now audio-recording will be delivered to your email inbox immediately upon purchase. That means you could be drifting off to sleep in minutes!   

As an added bonus, you'll gain access to a second version of the recording for free.  

This Bonus Recording is included as an option to use after you've become familiar with my vocal guidance on the Pure Sleep Now recording.

The Bonus Recording provides the same music and 'energy' as the Pure Sleep Now; the only difference is that the spoken words have been muted.

This means that, once you purchase the Pure Sleep Now recording, you'll be able to decide, on any given night, whether you want my voice to guide you into sleep or if you'd rather let the soft music and the skills you've learned from the Pure Sleep Now recording to take you there instead.

What People Are Saying:

What a delightful experience! I have listened to your audio-recording the past three nights and fallen asleep each time, deeply relaxed. I’ve recommended it to my husband, since he also has trouble falling asleep.

I tried your sleep audio when I was feeling extremely tired and had a headache. I fell sound asleep and woke up later feeling rested. My headache was gone too. I’ll be using it again - thank you!

I listened to your audio when I wasn’t tired, just to see its effect. I found your voice to be just perfect. The way you guided me to my thoughts, and then pointed out their connection to body feelings got my mind engrossed and soon I was beginning to feel ready for sleep. I began to find it difficult to tell where I ended and the rest of the world began. I remember thinking, “It’s like having a big fluffy duvet on the inside!” Feeling safe, connected, alive, and relaxed, I started to nod off, and only came back because the phone rang! And never once did you focus on ‘making me go to sleep.’ Bottom line, I felt rested, even without fully going into the sleep state. Thank you, I will be using it frequently.”

I’ve listened to your sleep audio twice now. The first time I felt just so relaxed, like my body was sleeping and my mind fully awake. The second time I listened to it in bed and I had a fantastic dream, yummy, lovely.

I listened to your Pure Sleep Now recording in the middle of the night after having awakened and not been able to go back to sleep. Your voice was very soothing, completely 'unpackaged' and natural. Your energy led me to relax deeply. At the end I was not asleep however. I stopped the recording and must have fallen asleep some time after.The second time I listened was at bedtime when I was not tired but wanted to go to bed anyway. This time, I liked your voice and energy just as much but, pretty fast, found myself completely unable to follow what you were saying. I was floating and didn't care about the specific words you were saying. I was definitely in a dream/wake state pretty fast but not completely asleep. I eventually fell asleep about 30 minutes later.The third time I listened was this morning as I wanted rest and lacked sleep. After 1-2 minutes, I became unable to follow what you were saying. I did not care either. I floated for awhile, probably 20 minutes and then passed out.