$175.00 USD


Maybe you don’t feel the need to engage in an extended coaching program but you are facing a challenging situation. A Breakthrough Session would provide a deep, focused and structured conversation on that subject with a skilled listener who will see you, hear you, sense you and hold you as you work through to a new level of clarity and peace. You will leave the session feeling much different about the subject you brought. More in control, more wise and more at peace too. You’ll also know what to do next to take your clarity forward.

A Breakthrough Session can also be used as a test drive of my services, enabling you to decide whether to commit to one of my One-to-One or Group offerings and if so, which one is right for you.

If you are currently taking one of my online programs, a Breakthrough Session will enable you to gain traction on something specific you’re learning there that seems particularly relevant, tricky or important to master.

With your purchase of a Breakthrough Session, you'll also receive complimentary access to my Introduction to Emotional Mastery Mini-Course, a value of $99!