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I recorded this Free Audio awhile back which contains your Energetic Template For a Clean, Clean Relationship to Money. Its generated a lot of interest over the months and today I thought I’d ‘bump it forward’ here on my blog. Feel free to download it as an mp3 and play it as often as you like. Might as well bathe yourself in it and see what happens. Enjoy! ****** This morning I got musing again about money. In particular, I was curious about how the feeling/vibration of money would naturally resonate in the physics of the body of a person who was 100% free of the mental, emotional and energetic baggage about money that most folks have. My life suggests that I’m perhaps a bit closer to that that the average bear (as Yogi would say) but, hey, there’s always room for improvement, right? As I played with this question energetically, I started to notice something quite lovely and interesting. I’ve captured it on this recording. If you care to experience something that might completely change how you relate to money, listen in!

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Dawn Marie Boucher

Hi Wendy:
Love this download re money. I am listening to it often.
We spoke by phone yesterday and I would like to speak with you again. I left a message on your phone this am to also connect.
Dawn Marie Boucher
403 392 1077


Wow! That was powerful for me! I just started listening out of curiosity and the next thing I knew I was in a deep meditative “trance” listening to your words. Going through a lot of emotions, releasing, relaxing. I felt totally tuned into you and the field. Thank you. I’m going to listen to this again. Just exploring this website and thinking of joining. Cool!

amy hillenbrand

As always, you have a unique perspective on this issue. I listened to this three times. The first time I listened it sounded like a bunch of words, it felt as though my mind was resisting the information and/or the shift. The second time I went to sleep, which in a way felt like more resistance to change. The third time I felt a definite shift especially when you went to the morphic field portion. All very fascinating, I’m looking forward to how this manifest in my life. Thank you for the download!


Thank you for making this download downloadable ( hehehe) – just in case you decide to take it away or something, now I have it in my own files. With the global field of energy around money being more than muddy, this cleansing is most valuable.


Money feels REALLY different when disassociated from the baggage! I was amazed! I feel more detached emotionally from money, and it is already flowing a bit more, to me! Thank you so much Wendy, you ROCK!!


Nice work, Izabel! Thanks for letting me know.


Thank you, Wendy – an important breakthrough, the tightness in my body let me know a lot! I used EmoTrance to release the grey energy, and am now able to think about money from my Heart Space.


I felt a great deal of joy.


I felt as if I was falling asleep and didn’t hear most of the content. Let’s hope something wonderful slipped in with “me” out of the way.

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