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Not surprisingly, many folks have asked to talk about my own experience with Youthening. (That’s me on the right with my daughter, Haley. And two adorable puppies she would have loved, loved, loved to bring home from their owner if I’d let her!)

The most poignant way for me to talk about my Youthening experience is to say that my own journey towards Youthening feels complete.

Its done. Behind me. I’m already there.

If you like, I can rhyme off physical changes that reflect the sweet spot of inner agelessness I live in such as:

* Having worn glasses since age 13, a number of years ago I spontaneously developed perfect vision.

* I’ve experienced the disappearance of old injuries and age-related pains

* Once, a few years ago, a worrisome growth on my skin dissolved almost overnight.

* In addition, I’ve had no need to visit a physician for any reason for about 5 years as my health has been perfect.

* I feel utterly disconnected to age and the notion of aging. When I hear former classmates joke supportively with each other about their bifocals and achy joints, I draw a complete blank.

* Menopause was a complete, symptom-free non-event

* Physically, I feel better, stronger and more agile than ever.

After years of fantasizing about unlocking the key to Youth, there’s nothing left for me to know or ‘do’ to Youthen. Its already done.

Certainly there are still a few surface details I’d like to see changed.  A line here, wrinkle there and a strand of grey let me know that the full-blown manifestation of my inner transformation is still underway.

But these lingering remnants of age surprise me now.

They appear as fond relics of a time past.  Even though I’m now in my 50’s. They don’t fit anymore. And there’s no question that these too will eventually clear away leaving behind only reflection of the agelessness within.

The same experience is here for you too. I have absolutely doubt about it. Together we are building the field that will support this experience for many others as well.

If you can relate – or have any questions – please leave a comment below!

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Tamera Talbot

Wow! Amazing stuff, and let me tell you I’m training for half marathons and refuse to believe that my “age” should ever stop me from running if that is what I want to do. Congratulations on your success!


I love that you said the following Wendy… I see and have so many experiences on the inside with ‘little’ to show on the outside that it’s so very reassuring hearing the below…

“By trusting your inner knowledge that you ARE growing younger (even with no outward evidence) and actually let that inner state be enough – it HAS to eventually show up in/as your physical structure itself. For me there was a big time lag between the knowing it had happened (on the inside) and any outward confirmation. “

Pat Jessen

Hi, Wendy.

Thanks for sharing. I like your quiet inner confidence….it’s done. I wish I could have hung on until this round of youthening, but I felt driven into the surgeon’s chair for cataract surgery last year. I’m still irked about it. Oh, well. There’s plenty of other material to youthen.


Wendy Down

Wow, thanks Irene. What I believe happens is that the joy that comes from knowing a miracle this is possible starts to shine through. By trusting your inner knowledge that you ARE growing younger (even with no outward evidence) and actually let that inner state be enough – it HAS to eventually show up in/as your physical structure itself. For me there was a big time lag between the knowing it had happened (on the inside) and any outward confirmation. I’d love it if it didn’t have to take so long for others!

Irene Byrne

Hi Wendy,
To add my two cents worth, I have the pleasure of seeing you in person a couple of times a year and the results are nothing short of outstanding. The last time I saw you I was floored at how young you looked (and let’s face it you looked good to start with). I have seen the changes in your photos but the change is a lot more significant when seen in person. All I can say is ‘wow’ that’s powerful stuff!


I love it, Mary! Several others have reported this while in the Youthening Program as well. Congratulations on allowing yourself to experience this possibility. Who knows what else lies ahead…

mary hewitt

Hi all and Wendy, I am noticing that my eye sight seems clearer, now I am noticing that I can’t see through my glasses, now that is unexpected.


Yay Daryl! Isn’t it great to see and hear evidence of change – already!

And thanks for your kind words – they feel wonderful…

Daryl Omura

Hi Wendy:
I absolutely loved your perspective; your words were so inspiring, especially your statement that “it’s done”. Also, all your photos show such a young lady, and Kristi’s amusing comment that Haley must be your sister was very on spot. It is making me so anxious to listen to the remaining 9 downloads. I just finished the third download this morning, and each listening has brought interesting visualizations, the latest being a right-spinning golden spiral, like a miniature galaxy, right in front of my face; very cool.

I finally realized this morning after completing my third download that there has been a tangible, physical benefit already after completing three downloads; people all around me have been commenting on my weight loss and sharpening facial contours. I think that is a big (pardon the pun) manifestation of my progress so far!

Thank you again Wendy, you are truly an inspiration for use all. Daryl

Nickie Van Den Bosch

Thank you so much Wendy, for the very beautiful vision of your experience and walk in this world, the reminder that “its already done!”, the encouragement to continue playing with my own creations and expressing new forms within this physical vehicle. What an experiment with creating reality!

dawn marie boucher

Thanks Wendy for sharing your story. It benefits all of us. I think that “sweet inner spot” (state of being) is the key. Even though I’m only three sessions into the Youthening Program “it’s already happened”. Physical manifestions are increased energy, flexibility, inner glow, fewer wrinkles and more is in the process of manifesting.
Thankyou Wendy for this delightful, playful, program.


Welcome Kim – there’s lots to be excited about – glad you’ve joined us!

Kimberly Frazier

Hi, Wendy and All:

I am a new member to this forum and have not yet carved out the time to spend as much time here as I would like, but I intend to change that. I have, however, received three of the youthening downloads so far, and have listened to them each three days in a row as suggested.

I am encouraged and excited about the “improvements” that you all report here, and look forward to what I will be able to report soon! I have for a long time bought into many of the rampant ageing paradigms, and am seeking to transform those inner beliefs and inner and outer manifestations.

Your reports of how great you look and feel inspire me enormously. It’s easier now. 😉 –kim

Susan Orton

I can’t resist boasting. On Friday, my husband had a regular check-up with our family doctor. I waited outside. At one point, the doctor came out to say hello. He looked me over and I was waiting for the “you’re next” sort of comment (I’ve put on some much unwanted weight!)…but he just said “You look (pause) younger!”… WOW!!! Thank You, Wendy!!! What fun!

Pat Jessen

Wow, Wendy.
Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I’m determined to get there. I have noticed that my knees are feeling stronger and more flexible. That has to be a good start!

Thank you for sharing your Youthening downloads. What a fabulous gift.


Kelly Torres

Thanks Wendy for sharing and for sharing the awesome picture of you and Haley. I had to laugh though when I saw the picture, because those pups are the same breed as the old guy…Ramsey, the dog we had to put down a week ago…maybe he was already youthening too!!


I am eating up all of your stories and comments.

I am so grateful to be taking this leap into the future with all of you spring chickens and about-to-be spring chickens!

Christine Rydholm-Bennett

Hi Wendy & everyone,
I enjoyed reading all your testimonials , and what was a thread going through them all was a feeling of ” no surprise just delight in what is happening,” I think that is important.
Because that proves that you really feel ; “it’s already done” !
I had a chuckle the other day when one of you in the group wrote me a message privately, in response to what I wrote about working with my grandson in Australia, longdistance. She introduced herself to me like we had never talked. Since we had written back and forth a couple of times in the fall I reminded her of that in my reply.
She wrote back saying that she didn’t recognize me on the new photo, and thought I was a new member since I looked younger ! I had forgotten that I have a new photo in the personal info , and it is a brand new photo taken a couple of days after my 60th birthday in January.
Wendy also commented to me how much she liked my new photo.
It’s funny to think that the photo I used before was about 3 years older ( I was younger then;-) and yet looking older 😀 I love it !
I am delighted to report that what used to be a beginning of a turkey neck, is no more 😀
Oh, and my husband is constantly giving me compliments now, not something he usually does (what can I tell you he is British 😉
And this is just the beginning folks ! I am beginning to understand why 33 years old is the “norm” is Heaven, I wouldn’t want to go back to either being or looking younger than that . Actually 40 was a great age for me.
Love and hugs to all !

Kristi Johnson

Come on Wendy, that can’t be your daughter, it’s really your sister isn’t it?

Alexi Paulina

Wendy, thank you for sharing this! Even when we know the principles, hearing about someone’s personal experience makes the concepts real in a much more tangible way.

Also it helps for those of us who are consciously choosing not to follow the old (pun intended 🙂 paradigm of aging to connect with and support each other. I too feel a bit alien when I’m around people near my chronological age who are complaining about their aches and pains and health problems. To proclaim that I have none of this would feel like bragging, so often I just comment that (with a presently recognized human lifespan of about 120), someone who is turning 60 is just reaching middle age. The current mass beliefs about what constitutes “old” are absurd.

Joanne Boutiere

Congratulations Wendy, you are an inspiration for all us Creators.
The other day a lady that I have not seen for a few years came into the store, she commented that I was younger looking!
I chuckled and thanked her. Nice!

I have not had any acupuncture and I am not taking any more supplements for irregular heart beat since we started working with Regenerating organs and tissue.
yippee!! I will have a little heart blip maybe 2or 3 times a month. It used to be several times a day.

With the ongoing youthening downloads this will all be in the past and no longer a part of my story.

I too do not give much energy to the conversation when people are talking about reading glasses. In 3D and 4D I give thanks everyday for my 2020 vision and visualize dropping off my glasses in the donation bin for the needy.


Okay folks. I am fifty five and taken for forty an d on a good day 38. I have no aches and pains, my skin is lineless, since I have cone the Russian New system and the youthing downloads here. Friends and others tell me I look younger and glow from within each day. The other day, a guy of 35 wanted me to be his date! What!!!!! I do feel I have blockages about my age when it comes to guys because they think I am much younger, and how do I explain to them that I am not, it gets complicated. And also I find it hard to relate to younger men. Any advice. My son looks like my brother, he loves it. So what is it all about. It is strange to be so young looking for my age. People tease me and say I keep a portrait in the attic. I dont. Some people say I have signed a pact with Old Nick, I say I have signed it with Archangel Michael!

Einiyah ben-Elyon


Another Wendy WOW!

Your spontaneous development of perfect vision plus the more strength and agility leaped out, as these are key points i am focusing on. Thanks for being the mirror that reflects this-too-is-doable.

Mostly i think we’re all just happy for you, that this is your work and that you’ve manifested the fruits within yourself.

thanks again for sharing your tools,


Mell Atuahene

Well Wendy

Thank you for your Inside Scoop! It reminded me of a few things I had ‘forgoten’ because they had snuck back into my like as ageing had been quitely slipping away.

So, you reminded me that my age related aches and pain are a thing of the past, that I often forget to use my glasses, that my skin is very supple and youthful like a 20yr old’s, that at a party the other day the host came and pulled me away from a group of 20 somethings (her daughter’s friends with whom I was having a good time) so I could be with people ‘my own age’ – and the 20 somethings were surprised at her comment. I must admit I felt surprised too, because up until that point I felt like and fitted in as one of them.

As for say ‘it’s already done’ …. ummgh … yeah, alright I am being picky!
I am done … ish, a work in progress and I have no doubt where the destination is. Benjamin Button will have nothing on me, and I will keep my size!

mary anderson

Hi Wendy,

So great to hear your story. I too, just this week, had a mole that was concerning me literally dry up and fall off my face! That was a visual confirmation for me. The fact that I’m more energetic and agile was not tangible enough for me to feel confident. But that area on my face now smooth with fresh new skin where there was once a mole, well I’m just so pleased with myself! I’m still waiting for the glasses to go completely. I use the over the counter reading glasses and I’ve been able to lower my magnification significantly. If they would only stop making the fine print smaller and smaller, I could lose them completely!

I’ve always felt youthful, and now I’m seeing myself in the mirror as a reflection of that feeling state! I get what your saying about “it’s already done.”

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