What Would Rejuvenating Results Like These Be Worth To You?

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I’ve just returned home from the Organ Regrowth and Rejuvenation Seminar in Thailand.

The two elephants pictured left, with Australian healer, Ken Graydon and I, stood outside the seminar room the entire week.

Today I thought you might be interested in hearing some of the results that seminar participants reported on the final seminar day.   They included:

  • dramatic reduction in the signs and symptoms of varicose veins
  • sudden lifting of a 14-week malaise
  • reduction of pain in various joints and sites of old injury
  • the possibility of hair regrowth on a bald head!  (I can’t wait to know the long-term results, but a Norwegian participant who wanted to regrow hair on his head had noticeable fine downy hair all over his chrome dome as well as an observable ‘aura’ over the top of his head.   (Now, full disclosure is that I didn’t actually inspect his head at the beginning of the week to see the difference, but maybe if you are a bald man you can tell me, “Do you also have millions of downy hairs all over the bald area on your head?)
  • Dramatic changes in skin appearance.  (One participant who had wanted to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on her face looked absolutely luminous at the seminar’s end.)
  • Reports of sensation and movement in the jaw of several people wanting to regrow missing teeth.
  • Perhaps the most striking and delightful report was that of Ann Graydon of Australia who lost an eye at age 8 and has been wearing a prosthetic eye ever since.   After working on her eye, Ann reported significant changes in the shape of her eye socket.   I video-taped Ann’s description and will post that video here.  Trust me, you won’t be able to help but get caught up in her enthusiasm!  For now, check out the photo, right, of Ann and I riding Pi-poh.  (Yes, I am clutching the safety bar!)

If you’re interested in experiencing the exercises and material we worked with during the seminar, consider joining me this month in the Consciousness Playground where I’m devoting the month of November to this work.  And not only will you gain from my experience, but you’ll also learn from Ken Graydon who will be joining me in the Consciousness Playground this month to talk about his experiences and insights.

BTW, Ken just announced that he is offering private Organ Regrowth sessions.  Check out the deets here on his website.

Linda D.

No downy little hairs on my husband’s head either..all these results sound so exciting! I mistakenly thought today was Nov. 2nd, when I got up, because I am so eager for the teleclass! LOL

Lillie Hodges

I have had dentures for over 40 years….During the ’70’s I went without them for about 4 years….”KNOWING” that I was going to grow a new set of teeth….After much riducule and my family attempting to have me committed…I resumed wearing the dentures…..I still “KNOW” I am going to do this….I certainly have entered that pattern in the field…. and “KNOW” there are magnificant manifestations yet to come…..
Thanks for listening…..


speaking for bald men, the answer about the downy hair is no… 🙂

shoot lots of video over there!

wonderful pix!



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