Why Do I Experience the Downloads As I Do?


By this point in the Youthening process you may have read comments left by members about extraordinary experiences some have had while playing the Youthening Downloads.

Whether you are having some interesting experiences or not, you might like some discussion about the wide range of experiences possible.

In fact, I’m frequently asked how I personally experienced the Downloads when I received them. I’ll describe that now with the intention that doing so will provide reassurance if you don’t ‘feel’ a lot.

And to provide encouragement if you do.

Personally, when I receive any quantum download, including these Youthening ones, what I experience is something subtle, rather than intense. I’ve come to recognize it as a pure quantum state beyond sensory description and when it shows up, I grab my audio equipment and start to record.

When they arrived, the Youthening Downloads had no physical sensory element at all. I didn’t see colors or images in my mind’s eye. I didn’t hear words. I didn’t gain understanding or insight. I didn’t feel emotions or physical sensations of movement or change.

What I did feel was an indescribable, utterly unique and very, very light sensation.   I felt very, very good.

I’ve come to recognize the quantum qualities of Downloads like these by comparing them to the typical emotional, physical and mental experiences we’re used to.

They do not occupy space, although I am aware of my connection to them somehow in front of my body. I can’t tell what size they are as they are both as small as an atom and the size of the cosmos.

Unlike emotional feelings or fields of energy, when I receive them, quantum Downloads have no vibration or ‘charge’. Nothing about them moves or ‘shifts’. They have no intensity and are not weak or strong.

I am aware of being in their presence, but I am not ‘doing’ anything with them. They exist independent of me and when I am receiving them, its more like I am simply graced by being in conscious contact with them for a period of time.

Later, when you play the Downloads, THAT’S when when they start to be translated into sensory, and then physical form.

Your presence and intention makes the action start to happen!

The closest analogy I can find to explain this is a rather ‘Western’ one. Please forgive how imperfect it is.

Imagine a huge shopping mall – one that is bigger and more consciously designed than any that actually exist. I believe that when I initially received the Downloads and recorded them, what I received was the template or blueprint of this entire ‘mall’. And when you visit them, what you receive is the quantum construction of that mall that day, designed just for you.

This mall, designed by the most conscious, loving and intentional of intelligences, contains every type of delight humanly possible.

The creators of this mall know everything about you when you visit. What you want, who you are, how you operate, what you’ve come through in life and where you are going.

And mostly, why you are here.

Knowing you better than you know yourself, the creators know how best where to take you in the mall to connect you to what’s there for you that day.

Every time you arrives at the mall, you are taken to a new entrance where the next deliberately-designed experience awaits you.

One person, for example, may experience Download #4 one day as the equivalent of being at the movie theatre entrance. That day he will experience Lights! Music! Sounds! Story!

A second person may arrive to Download #4 as a quiet corner far away from any action. That person, that day, may experience only stillness. No movement. No sound. Only space. Absence.

Someone else may arrive at night when everyone else has gone home and the mall is completely silent.

Its equally possible for someone else to arrive in the flower boutique. Or the bowling alley. Or the spa. Or the pool. Or the music studio. Or the….

Understanding that each Download experience is not the same for you as for anyone else – and not the same any two times – may help you see why there’s no reason to compare your experience of the Youthening Downloads to anyone else’s. Your experiences are designed for you. Other’s experiences are designed for them.

The Download ‘mall’ is vast enough and well-designed enough to offer an endless range of experiences. Your best approach each time you start to play Download is to simply notice what part of the mall you are in that day.

So far, since receiving the Youthening Downloads I’ve personally only played one of them, one time. I can’t explain why I don’t play them more. (You might think I would!) Mostly it seems I don’t need to. What I felt the time I played one was a lovely instant release of tension in my body – just profound enough to remind me that something powerful beyond my understanding is present on the Recordings.

I hope that analogy helps. Feel free to ask any questions if you’d like further clarification.


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Wendy Down

I’m glad it helped, Erica. And thanks for being a voice for the many who don’t experience – or notice – as much as they listen.


Dear Wendy, Thanks for that info. It’s comforting to know that it’s ok not to be experiencing all of the wonderful things others mange to experience in one minute. I often listen more than three time. It’s more comforting. I’m glad to know it does not ‘hurt’. I like the music as well.

Anita Klein

… it’s been like little bits of shiny stars fallen on me. Simply blissed out by all the downloads so far and today particularly to be able to access the comments box in this section, Wendy 🙂


Yes, its not important at all to feel anything with the downloads in order to get results, Mary. Its fun to – because its confirmation that we can sense what’s there in some way.
If you turn down the music, you might find yourself being more aware of subtle sensations that your attention to the music causes you to miss.

Feel free to experiment with that.

mary miller

Wendy, 22Jan11. Have to be honest,don’t feel anything with the downloads. That could go along with the general issue, that I think I have a lot of closed off areas in my being. I always look forward to the potential within them. Speaking in regard to the sensory part, the music is irritating for me. Guess I should try listening with the music turned off. mary

Kimberly Frazier

Reading this was interesting, and I guess reassuring. I have just become comfortable with the idea that, at least so far, I don’t have the “big” experiences that some describe having when they listen. I am just endeavoring to be receptive and open to the idea that I am getting exactly what I am intended to get. I am allowing and trusting that to just be what is happening. I am starting to wonder if perhaps oftentimes in this life, when it seems the least is happening is in fact when the most is happening.

Claudia Newell

Thanks Wendy,
That helps – I’m starting to realize the subtle downloads I’m getting as well. Wondering how you knew that they were “about” Youthening. What I’m experiencing I don’t exactly know what it is (which is okay with me, but I wonder if a more conscious awareness would make them more useful).

Rev. PT Ferrance

Hi Wendy,
I just found this page today, the day I received the YD#5. I very much enjoy the music you chose. For me it is like a very subtle effervescent massage. Physically things seem to be changing for me. Of course, things are always changing so I hadn’t really connected the changes to the YDownloads. But there is a resonance when I think about the two together so I think they are connected.
Rev. PT


Izabel, I appreciate the question and I’m going to answer it in full when you get to Youthening Download #6.

Thanks for asking.


I’ll do my best to answer, Natasha.

I don’t actually understand how ‘beyond sensory’ experiences gets translated into audio format. Through experimentation over the past few years, I’ve just discovered that it does. At first I wondered if the state was transferred through my voice, but then it became apparent that recordings in which I don’t speak contain it too. In fact, sometimes when I make even silent recordings, my recording software (Garage Band on my Mac computer) will seize up and give a message saying “Too many tracks of information to process”).

About listening more than 3 times, my inner guidance says that that’s ideal for getting the Youthening results and more isn’t necessary. But you are free to experiment. I wonder how you’d measure if you were getting additional benefit from additional playings?

Natasha Suter

Thanks a lot for taking the time to express this, Wendy. Two questions come to mind for me:
1. How does a “beyond sensory” experience get translated into an audio format? What equipment can pick a “state”?
2. If each time we are, to continue your analogy, taken to a specific place in the mall so that we can connect “to what is right for you that day”, then why should we not listen to the downloads on many days, since each day could be different, presenting new needs?

You may not have bargained for such specific questions; it’s of course up to you how much you’d like to answer. But I love the conversation and am loving the experience of the downloads, no matter what the explanation!

Toni Delgado

Dear Beloveds,
It occurs to me that maybe one of the reasons that some folks may be having a difficult time feeling or allowing themselves to experience youthening is the unconscious death urge that is hardwired into all of us…and like everything else has opportunity to shift from its plastic state into more Life Urge. I mean really, how can a person allow themselves the ability to youthen when they are unconsciously positioning themselves and marching themselves to “certain” death at a prescribed time / age that they have long ago memorized from Grandma and Grandpa and their parents and other relatives?

I have spent a lot of time creating a different relationship with death, having nearly died many times and having gone thru senility ten years ago when I was in my early fifties.

I also taught at a high school that had a really progressive English Department where we focused a whole semester on Death and Dying…talking about it, writing about it, reading books about it, taking our kids to cemeterys, etc. so they could dig deep into the emotion of it…most folks do not get this kind of life preparation.

Is this too big of a leap to address for us folks here in the Youthening Program?

Young T.

Christine Rydholm-Bennett

Thank you Wendy for your explaining of how you experience the YoutheningDownloads.
For me it’s very much like the way you describe it too. Although I always feel like I need to “top up” with a second and third refill 😉 Only a couple of times can I remember feeling something “unpleasant” being stirred up after a Download, I always figured that it was a kind of cleans or detox happening. I have had more comments about how youthful I look 🙂 An old neighbourhood friend of my children saw a recent picture of me on facebook, and said ; “don’t you age Mrs Bennett? Made me smile, thinking,,, maybe not ?
I also wanted to say; I have for the past few years received Downloads in my body intermittantly , it feels like I’m plugged in and a gentle (mostly) current is run through my body . Now I’m wondering what was that all about ? I always felt safe and miss it when there are periods with no current running 😉

Izabel Ganz

Great input, Wendy, and I love the “mall” metaphor. I am curious how resonating to it will influence my experiencing the downloads from now on. A question: since you do everything with a purpose and reason, why did you include the music, how did you choose it? It took me several downloads to get beyond it, and I still would prefer not to have it. Glad Download #6 is coming soon!

nancy peters-oliver

Thanks Wendy, that’s really interesting!

Rejean Duhamel

Thank you,Wendy for the explanations and sharing your personal experience.I must say that my experience is similar to yours in many ways.However i have to listen three time to each downloads to be satisfied.I don’t expect to have perfect response.I let myself get in deep in the music and concentrate in the feeling of the moment.I enjoy every notes and appreciate the calm i recent.I notice that my hair are getting darker since i started the youthening program.Rejean.

Pat Jessen

Thanks, Wendy. That was useful. I am always fretting because I’m not having a big, colorful experience with these downloads.

Beth Bryant

That was very helpful, Wendy. I recently received what I can only describe as a “download” that tremendously deepened my understanding of a major challenge in my life. I simultaneously experienced that clear, light, non-charged sensation, in addition to a feeling of exhilaration, excitement, and fascination. I now realize that the emotions I experienced did not arise from the download itself, but rather from my reaction to the “coolness” of the experience. Very interesting.

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