Why The Organ Regrowth Process Is ‘Dead Easy’ For Those Who Don’t Feel Energy

Consciousness Playground member, Katannya Cummings of British Columbia, just enthused about the Russian New Knowledge for the New Age material that we’re working with in that online community throughout the month of November.    She said:

This work is tailor-made for people like me who are very left-brained.

I often have trouble with energy work or quantum work because I am not sure that I am doing it right. For instance, in three years that I have been doing Matrix Energetics, I have only felt ‘the wobble’ once.

With this Russian New Knowledge for the New Age work, it’s dead easy.

All I have to do is follow the steps and let my soul do the rest.

I have no doubts about my ability to read and follow instruction, and knowing that the results will happen over time means that I can let go and just forget about it.

I also feel a resonance with it, but in a strange way that I haven’t experienced before.”

If you’re a left-brainer who doesn’t ‘feel energy’ too, you might enjoy experiencing what the New Knowledge for the New Age processes can do for you too.

Join Katannya and I in the Consciousness Playground this month.

At the very least, you’ll find it way more interesting that, say, organizing your sock drawer.

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Is there a USA city and date that I can learn it in person

Eugen Krass

Hi, yes…I am very interested…and maybe to translate it to portuguese, so people in Brazil have a chance to meet an experience it…




I ve done the arcady petrov certified 3 day course short time ago and i must say this course was the biggest disappointment ever , i ve been working on a simple workout related shoulder injury for the past month with no results whatsoever ! and yes i was remaining totally positive and doubt free with strong intentions…I Guess its like any other system out there ; works for some and not others !



Do you teach the Russian Organ Regeneration techniques to the Consciousness Playground members? I am interested in learning how.



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