Become YOUNGER over the next 6 months. Or this ‘Youthening’ program is FREE.

Post image for Become YOUNGER over the next 6 months.  Or this ‘Youthening’ program is FREE.

Its an eyebrow-raising offer, to be sure.

Nevertheless its highly likely you will see yourself grow visibly younger rather than older over the next 6 months through a one-of-a-kind online ‘Youthening Program’ created by award-winning Life Coach Wendy Down.

Like many others have before you.

Over the next 6 months, how would you like to:

* significantly reduce pain, perhaps even become pain-free?

* diminish lines, wrinkles and grey hair?

* increase your strength and flexibility?

* hear, “Wow, you look younger!”?

* have more energy and feel more alive?

* spontaneously WANT to exercise or eat healthfully?

* plus regain aspects of your youth you feared were gone forever!

Now you can.  And at no financial risk.

“When I began this program, my intention was to feel the youthful energy of passion for what I can bring into the world, and to have a body that is physically strong, athletic, and graceful.   Even now, a year later, emotional and physical changes continue.  In the past month alone, one person asked my husband how he managed to get someone 25 years younger to marry him (I’m 5 years younger) and another woman guessed my age at 10 – 15 years younger than I am.   Also friend at a triathlon told me every time she sees me I am looking younger and younger. Plus, It was totally surprised to find my time in that triathlon matched my time of 5 years ago, which was a strong effort even then.   Wow!

 As a bonus, while doing the program, I became uber inspired to shift the direction of my coaching practice to something revolutionary and very new.

Thank you Wendy!  

Celeste Hamman,

“I have loved this process and have experienced many shifts.  My attitude has profoundly shifted from aging to youthfulness – I feel more youthful – ageless – in a strange sort of way.  The way I now perceive myself and others is w/ more grace and love.  Life is GOOD.  My sense of well-being, strength, flexibility, skin tone, digestion, energy level, self-acceptance have all improved – my Youth Test score went from 65 to 80.  I still have days when I can hear the old voices of aging but there is now a stronger voice that celebrates the beauty of my life.”

Jennifer Harvey, Massachesetts

“The Youthening Program was an easy process!  And just when I thought nothing was happening, yet another person would tell me how different I looked.  It was always, ‘You look so much younger’…..amazing!”

Mary Hewitt, Oregon

How does the Youthening Program work?

This online program centres around a series of 12 remarkable “Youthening Downloads”; short, wordless audio-recordings that allow you to easily access unprecedented vitality, well-being and youthfulness.

Every 14 days you receive access to a new 1-minute Youthening recording.  You’ll listen to each one online – on your computer or mobile device – once a day for 3 days in a row.

While that may seem odd, just as your cell phone works even if you don’t understand the mechanics of it, the Youthening Download recordings work even if you don’t understand how they do.    

(The simplest explanation is that your cell phone transmits information wirelessly using vibrating waves of energy and so do the Youthening Program recordings.  The details are more fully explained in the program.)

Over the 6 months your youthening process will be supported with practical tips, thought-provoking ideas and useful tools.   The entire program occurs online in a private members-only site where you get access to insider information and conversation.

What would you pay for the strength, appearance, vitality and outlook of a person much younger than you are?  



An entire year’s salary?

Or is your returning youth…  priceless?

While the results you may experience are easily worth thousands of dollars, the Youthening Program is only $247.

To start growing younger today for just $247, click here.

The Youthening Program requires you to spend a maximum of 20 minutes in the program, online, each week.  With that small commitment of time and energy you may wonder:

 “Does the Youthening Program actually work?”  

  And the answer is, “Yes, it does!”  

Using a special ‘Youth Test’ developed to measure participants’ progress over time, 85-90% of participants report that, to their surprise and delight, they became measurably younger at the end of the 6 months.  Often dramatically so!

You may hesitate, “This sounds too good to be true.  What if it doesn’t work for me?”

No problem!

The Youthening Program comes with a 100% money back guarantee, (described below)  So there’s no downside to giving it a try, even if you are a skeptic!

“I went into this a bit skeptical that it was even possible to reverse or slow down aging.  I got busy and did not do the pre-program Youth Test.  In fact I was so busy that sometimes I would rush through the download or be weeks behind the group.  I just gave myself space for this.  I wonder today if my lack of comittment wasn’t a reflection of my skepticism. The good news is I got a lot out of the program.  Just the conversation pulled me out of a hopeless attitude about aging.  I began to focus on my youth instead of my age.  I attracted a lover/partner during the 6 months.  He is seven years younger than I.   His comments about my age is that I act 17 years old.   He can’t believe how energetic and youthful I am.  This is a good reflection because it reminds me to focus on what I have rather than what I don’t have.  I am 53 years old and my partner’s father guessed my age at 43 years old.  My kids say I look the same age as my partner.  I don’t know if it is the result of the Youthening Program but I am clear that the program helped me to expect youthening instead of aging.  I believe my expectations create my reality.  I also recognize how deep the acceptance is that I am going to age!  I am looking forward to going at it again so that I can change some of these conditioned beliefs.”

Colleen Moore,  California

“Thanks to your incredible program, I had the strength and resiliency to care for both of [my very ill parents] at the same time.  I would call that a giant leap in youthening!   Regarding my exercise motivation… imagine my delight during the break between Youthening downloads 9 and 10 when I suddenly got the undeniable urge to resume exercising.  And I have not stopped since this time.  Also, I am doing something that I have never done in all my previous years of physical culture: I finish my exercises stronger than at the start of the exercise.  Somehow, the extreme burn that I get propels me even further;  I actually look forward to the burn as a testiment to your program and my progress in rebuiding my “3D shell”, as I put it recently in a posting to the #12 download page.  So you are very correct in your confirmation that your downloads do create inspiration to ACT!   It got me off my lazy butt and do something about it!  So thank you thank you thank you Wendy!  I am grateful beyond words, and you know that I look soooooo forward to going through this all over again.  And maybe this time, I will have even more incredible news for you.  Your Quantum knowledge and programs are second to none, and I am proof of that.”

Daryl Omura, California

The interesting thing for me is that the transformation was very subtle.  I didn’t even notice it happening. There was no “awakening”.  It just creeped into my life when I wasn’t paying attention.  I am unconsciously attracted to healthier choices and it feels like a choice that makes me feel good versus the dreaded “should”.
I am very glad that I did the pre-program Youth Test and dated it because I actually forgot how bad I was feeling physically, mentally and spiritually.  Today I am more energetic, focused and alive. 

Cora Whittington, Peterborough, Canada

Suddenly, I have the body I did 10 years ago.  I had not gained weight but fat in the middle section and was resigned to it.  I just wanted to be healthy and strong.  Now it is all gone.  I did exercise a little more but really just a little more than I have in the past.  My boyfriend grabbed me last week and exclaimed, “All your fat is gone!”  


“My score on your Youth Test went from 50 to 86…  Some of the greatest improvements come from my taking a more active role in my physical being and reaping the rewards.  I tried the gym and left in favor of yard work, walks with the dogs and a weight program at home.  Even neighbors get a kick out of me walking “the hill” like I did years ago and my husband loves the fact that I tire out the dogs on the walks.    Weight management seems to be easier and skin tone is great though liver spots remain (mentioning the latter as it was in my Course Notes, if I hand not read the notes it would not have come to mind.)  Enjoying longer hair and playing with it, playing with a little make-up and wearing skirts easily and comfortably.    I feel like I have my stuff together and do not focus on aging per se [even though] this November I will qualify for my 10% off at Ross for Less on Tuesdays!”

Catherine, USA

 Understand that 10 to 15% of participants will not experience Youthening results.

We know this from experience.   If you complete the Youthening Program and do not score yourself younger at the end than when you began, 100% of your money will be refunded.   

To receive your money back, you must complete the entire Youthening Program.  At the end, if your Youth Test score has not improved, you simply submit your course work as evidence and receive a full refund.    That’s fair, huh?

Ready to join?   (Where else can go to experiment with actually growing younger?   At ANY cost?)

Click here to start the Youthening Program today.  While its still just $247…

“My Youth Test score increased by around 30 points. The biggest changes were in the feelings of well being and increased energy. I’m 66 years old and have been doing full days of yard work without tiring.  Before I was worn out after an hour or so. Now I don’t even tire after the full day of work.  Another plus is my skin.  It has a much softer look to it and the wrinkles around my eyes are gone.  Age spots have decreased a lot – I hope that continues.  I have also been using the healing code numbers in conjunction with this youtherning process.  My joints still need a lot of work.  I haven’t noticed much as far as improvement in my hips and knees, but given the other changes, I know there will be improvement eventually. This process has been great despite the fact that I never felt anything from any of the Youthening downloads.  You don’t have to feel them for the process to work.”

Ken Garlock, South Pasadena, California

“I started at a Youth Test score of 64 and now it’s 80…  I definitely do not feel the same way I felt at the beginning.  I was so frustrated with my eyesight, my skin, my “tummy” and my grey hair.  Now it doesn’t matter much and it’s such a relief to not be worrying so much and looking at the mirror all the time.  Also, my energy level has increased and I am amazed at how much I get done and how I feel…I am still in shock looking at myself doing so much.  I am definitely less attached to youthening/aging and that is very satisfying.  I am amazed at the unattachment and I haven’t colored my hair in weeks.  I am still in awe going into the “I LOVE IT” phase!”

Anonymous, California

“I started the Youthening Program hopeful but a little afraid that the changes wouldn’t happen to ‘me’.  But I was able to for the most part let go and see.  And some days I feel very youthful and other days not so much but….the biggest change for me happened recently with a huge shift in thoughts – I became aware of how often I factor my age into decisions I make… I would only consider dating men who are close to my ‘biological’ age, or women ‘my age’ where more sensible shoes, or competitive kickboxing is for younger women and on and on… that I am so keenly aware of that thought process more things are opening up…..I am catching myself as well as looking for those thoughts to make sure I’m not making decisions that I think are based on personal choice but are really based on my age.  It’s a really cool thing that I am just starting to explore and I am really surprised at how often it shows up.  But along the way I did have some very noticeable and measurable physical results including more alot more good hair days and alot more strength and stamina.”

Anonymous, Canada.

” I signed up for a half marathon  and went from ‘that’s not on my radar’, to … ‘I could if I wanted to’…….’I’m going to do it’…   I have really noticed it in how far/fast I can run as well as at kickboxing.  Add to that the fact that I can easily do both in the same day.”

Irene Byrne, Ontario, Canada

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this process and kept an open mind to the possibilities and to what will manifest.  Because I have been dealing with chronic health problems since childhood I spent more time doing ‘work’ on these issues and approached the youthening as a ‘fun’ diversion.

I definitely notice changes, although my Youth Test score hasn’t increased dramatically.  Firstly the programme was perfectly timed as I’d hit 40 and become increasingly focused on signs of aging and also felt a general sense of pessimism that I was now entering a new phase of life that could only bring more challenges and health issues on top of the existing ones.

What I now have is a complete shift in perspective, that really anything is possible. How refreshing and empowering !!  On the physical front, I have noticed a definite improvement in my skin with less obvious lines and wrinkles and I feel less stiff and achy … and looking forward to so much more to come.
Huge thanks and gratitude for leading us on this exciting journey…”

Rebecca, USA

“My Youth Test score increased from 65 points to 76 points.  Seven of 14 age-related problems listed 6 months ago have been improved or no longer a problem.  I have taken on a weight loss program and lost 22 pounds which I probably would never have done so if I did not take the Youthening Program.  I just passed my 60 years old birthday couple months ago and I do not look like it.  The wrinkles on my hands are less than 6 months ago.” 

Name Withheld, USA

“I can definitely say there have been many changes in my life since I began this program.  The most profound and unexpected was that I’ve gone back to college at age 47!   I hadn’t even considered that prior to around April and I am taking my final today for my first college class since 1980.  Now, that is youthening!! I am studying with kids younger than my own kids!! lol

Physically, I have noticed mixed results, mostly desired.  I have been led to those how have helped me and provided me with answers to issues I had previously been unable to resolve on my own.  Hormone balancing was one of the major areas of improvement.  Eyesight is in the process of changing, as one day I see just fine and the next, not so much….but still it is DIFFERENT.  I have been unable (so far) to budge [my weight] but feel that is coming very shortly.  Chronic constipation and hemorroids have improved and WILL CONTINUE to improve until well.  People tell me I look “different”… but can’t put their finger on what it is….something in the eyes and energy.

Mentally, I have seen drastic improvement.  Again, I was led to people who would ultimately help me with this.  All things working together enabled me to come out of a fairly dark place and back into the light.  Spiritually, (and here the term “youthening” isn’t what I am after, but more a refining…)I have had some amazing personal experiences which I feel are life changing….some sort of preparation for what lies ahead for me.   Thanks for the opportunity to PLAY in this field….Look forward to MORE!!”

Amy Johnson, Arlington Texas.

“My score went from 52 to 83, how’s that?   And I think it should be higher, since I am not walking with a cane any longer and my overall finctioning level has immensely improved.  I even have a few 5 scores.  Overall I am very pleased with the results, even if I sometimes grumbled at the music and not going into high ecstasy with the downloads. as some of you did.   Thank you Wendy, thank you.”

Izabel Ganz, Ph.D, California, USA.

“I am so pleased to report that when I took the first Youth Test, my score was a 51.  Now completing it again 6 months later, my score is an 83!!!    I began this 6 month course with the intellectual knowing that youthening was possible because I had been living it until I went into a severe healing crisis some years ago…now I can say I know it because I am emotionally living it once again. I would still love my visual acuity to drastically improve and while I have no arthritic pain, I would also love to straighten my toes and fingers. My short term memory has improved.  I no longer have pain in my hands as I did when we began this short journey together.  My muscle tone is better and I have far fewer gray in my hair…it was a couple of streaks in front…now the streaks are really skinny!!!  I am grateful to have a lively mind and heart and best of all I feel young and youthful.  So, I’ll take more of the same please!  I also feel very optimistic about my future as I believe the “aging process” has been arrested in me.  I am so very happy to be alive and getting to learn new consciousness technologies, receiving more divine treasures helping create Heaven on Earth.

Thank you dear Wendy and all who participated and were willing to experience difference…challenging our memorized generational aging programs and choosing differently goes into the creation of a supportive morphic field for this and coming generations.   And I truly believe we were never meant to age and die.”

Toni Delgado, Dona Ana, New Mexico, USA.

The Youthening Program is for you if:

  • You have an open mind and have experimented with other ‘alternative’ ideas or practices.
  • You know that there is more to life – to you! – than meets the eye.
  • You have taken leaps of faith in the past and trust your instincts.
  • You can be playful rather than overly-serious with the prospect of youthening.

The Youthening Program is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t believe its possible for anyone, especially you, to become younger over time.
  • Deep down, you’d actually prefer it didn’t work
  • You feel Youthening is not right.  Or safe.
  • You are afraid of the consequences of either succeeding… or failing.
  • You don’t have access to email, a computer or mobile device with online access.
  • You are in desperate straights health care-wise and view this as a ‘last resort’.
  • The cost of the program would be a financial hardship for you.
  • You are already as youthful as you want to be and do not wish to change this in any way.

“My total Youth Test score went up by 9 points… I’ve noticed that my youthening is mostly on a physical level.  What I had noticed before as little imperfections have now disappeared!   It also seems that more people are asking me about my weight, as if they might notice something different but can’t really say what it is that looks different about me.  I listed 8 issues that I wanted to see change in, and so far I’ve hit 5 of them.  I’ve noticed my enjoyment in increased exercise and my choice of food has changed slightly.

Thanks Wendy, loving it!”

Kelly Torres, Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA

“My Youth Test score went from 53 to 73.  I would have to say my most dramatic Youthening has been in the area of strength and flexibility.  I can now easily raise myself up from the couch or an easy chair and wiggle/scrunch/maneuver to get in and out of a car. (That is HUGE.) I can pick up and carry things that I haven’t been able to for a long time.  My hair seems thicker (it was seriously getting thin) and it has less gray.  Also, my lymph circulation is improved, and pain in my feet, knees, back and neck has diminished greatly and, in some areas, disappeared.   I think I have fewer wrinkles, too.

I was hoping for massive loss of unattractive body fat, but–to be fair–I didn’t start getting any exercise until recently, so I guess that will come with time!

I really, really wanted to experience improvement in my eyes and eyesight.  My assessment in this area actually dropped (from a 2 to a 1).  I’ve had to schedule cataract surgery, but I still have three weeks for things to improve!   One way or another, my eyes should be good by sometime next month.

This is a fascinating experience.  I am so grateful to be part of the Youthening Program.  I was worried that nothing would happen for me, but I experienced good changes in spite of my fears.  Thank you so much, Wendy, for this opportunity.  Thanks, everyone, for sharing.  I loved reading the comments.”

Pat Jessen, North Dakota

“Well, I jumped a total of 16 points. This biggest differences were in my weight and my belly (all reduced) my skin looking younger, my energy levels,my digestion, and my sense of optimism.  Pretty cool!  And now I want more, as I am more certain that I can create any physical change I want.”

Charlie Verge, Ph.D.,
Wellesley, MA.

“Well, I was actually shocked! I went from a 58 to a 94 on the Youth Test!  While I didn’t do a real comparison side by side on the specifics, I’d say the energy level, mental focus, etc. was a big change. Certainly those two alone are a sigificant part of the “aging” many of us have experienced, & memory issues and loss of vitality. I felt more optimistic as well  Looking forward to the future!”

Nancy O., Boise, Idaho

“WHAT a difference! I sat down [to retake the Youth Test post-program] and  was surprised to see a score of 102 ! Went back to re check all the answers…. no I don’t want to change any of the numbers. Then I went to look at my “old” answers… 65 !! When you listen-experience the downloads sometimes you can’t help but think “is anything really happening”? Well, obviously !

It’s interesting because the change is so much in HOW I feel.  You would think Youthening has to do with looks. But then how you look, depends on how you feel on the inside.  I decided last year to slowly let my natural colour come back in my hair, my hair is naturally ash blond, over the years when having it coloured it never looked natural to me. And natural is what I aim to be. Even though my hair is all my own colour now, with quite a bit of silver in it, I feel it makes me look better . And quality is so soft and shiny, love it…

THIS is the way I want to age.  I turned 60 in January this year, and I can honestly say; I feel better now then I have for the past few years.  Thank you Wendy.  And thanks everyone for sharing your stories.”

Christine Rydholm-Bennett NC. USA

“At its heart, what Wendy’s Youthening Program offers is a way to move from the mass-beliefs “aging current” to the “perennial youth current” – and to stay there. Many times in the past few months I have noticed myself having doubts about my ability to stay youthful when the prevailing beliefs about aging and deterioration are so strong. Then I would remember, “Oh, you’re doing the Youthening downloads – that puts you in a different category.  For me, the greatest change has been in the relaxing of my fears and beliefs about aging…  My Youth Test score went from 71 to 86 – not a tremendous difference statistically, but it reflects a significant change in my perception.”

A.P., Seattle, Washington

“At the end of the program I retook the questionnaire with a sinking heart, thinking that nothing had changed, but I was shocked to find that my score on the Youth Test had gone up by 27%.  That is giving me encouragement for the next six months and beyond.”

Katannya Cummings, Vancouver, British Columbia

“My Youth Test improved from 78 to 115!  6 months ago I was feeling older than my age and I was my own worst critic.  Today I love the way I look and feel. My skin produces a glow that I especially notice when I am doing something I love (teaching fitness classes). For me the shift was “How satisfied I am” I went from being unsatisfied with nearly everything to being in love with everything. It doesn’t bother me that I do not have perfect vision or even that I’ve gained 5lbs in muscle weight in the past 6 months (although it could also be from enjoying food more as well) I feel awesome and am totally satisfied with my body and mind and that is what I was wanting out of this experience. Thank you Wendy!!”

Emily Sonnenberg, Ontario, Canada

“Wendy’s youthening process has been a phenomenal experience.  I have been told I look some thirty years younger since using it!   Not bad for a soon-to-be granny!

I have been seeking youthening techniques for as long as I can remember. To that end I have included yoga, healthy eating, exercise as well as healing modules such as Matrix Energetics to my daily activities.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not shirk maturity but I certainly dig feeling young at heart and retaining an uncomplicated perspective on life.

It had to be said I have always emanated a fairly young vibe.  Perhaps because I was an adopted child and could not “imitate” my step parent’s aging process. It did not affect my genetics or subconscious mind; I did not have an ancestral link with them.  But notwithstanding some success in my search for youthening perceptions, Wendy’s process has definitely been the “cream on the cake”.

After just four sessions young men were asking me out on dates!! As I said above, this is more than flattering if you are a prospective grandma!  People were demanding to know what face cream I was using!  Others insisted that I must have had a surgical skin peal. I noticed that the fine lines around my mouth disappeared completely after the third youthening session. Please note I was looking at my skin under fluorescent light in the bathroom mirror.  After the fifth session my eyes were shinning, and appeared larger.  Add to the physical effect, I was tuning into a higher energy vibe after each download, and this was resulting in more creativity.  I began a new work outlet, and designed and built a blog.

I was hooked. The only fall out was some insomnia due to a high pitched ring in both ears after each youthening download?  I hasten to add I do not suffer from otitis or an inflamed ear canal. More comments followed, such as “if I looked liked you at your age I would sign on the dotted line!”  I then met up with some “old” friends in Rome.  Mauro, a friend of some twenty years, walked up to me and said “What are you doing, sleeping in the deep freeze?”

So what gives with this youthening download?  I have come to some of my own conclusions. I believe that when we tune into a download, divine light washes through our cellular structure. I believe it flows freely from the etheric dimensions. I am reminded of those who have had NDE experiences and insist that grandparents greeting them from the other side appear as a  “younger” version of themselves. Could it be that the unified field pervading all things resets the aging download, cleaning up the subconscious, the left brain hemisphere and the collective unconscious when we access these downloads? In other words, does it deprogramme genetic modules that believe in aging?  In any event, I laugh more, worry less, and sense I am connecting to innovative thought forms and etheric dimensions where aging concepts are non-existent.

I began to think that when we download the youthening programme we might even learn to see through games of “fear” and “death” and above all access the cosmic love gluing our universe together? When I was in India I remembered how the older Sadhus, the holy men and women, glowed.  Their faces were smooth notwithstanding white hair. They “looked like” children dressing up as grown men and women.  Were they automatically downloading a youthening programme, were they aligning with something many of us lost thousands of years ago?

When we are young, we are open, innocent, and joyful. We are ready to play games with reality.  Perhaps when we download the youthening programme we automatically reconnect to child like “beingness!”.  Our very essence remembers what it means to be young.  Perhaps this programme is not just about youthening, it is about loving kindness, believing in miracles and that anything is possible!  The prospect of infinite possibility will surely rev us up to a faster energy field.  We shine from within it. The universal field resonates within us. And we youth. Could it be that simple?

Perhaps one day Wendy will teach us her secret?  I will be the first to sign up when she does!”

Maddelena de Sanctis, Italy


’nuff said?   Click here to stop wondering how it works and start finding out!

Still not sure?

Meet Wendy Down, M.Ed. the Youthening Program creator.  (Photo taken on Sept 1, 2012, the Youthening Program launch date and Wendy’s 50th birthday.)

Check out the interview in which Wendy answers questions about the Youthening Program. 

Or view this video in which Dr. Issam Nemeh, M.D. explains the means through which health and healing is conveyed through online technology like this program.

How will life change as you grow younger over the next 6 months?

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