The quest to understand and demonstrate this statement as a practical tool for daily life has fuelled my curiosity and driven my coaching, speaking and studying for the past 20 years. Over that time, I’ve come to know – for sure – that this fact is much more than an abstract idea. It turns out that, because of our seamless connection to and integration with the unlimited universe, we are designed to steer ourselves to any point of view – any experience – we choose. And when we learn to use our innate abilities to do this, the laws of physics cause the inner choice and movement we’ve made to then congeal around us as matter. The inner choice and change we’ve made becomes substance.

As we start to grasp this connection and harness this ability – innate to all of us – we are transformed. As we release unhelpful emotion patterns, our inner world becomes free of fear, pain and residue from the past. Our inner world becomes increasingly stable, peaceful and joyful. A sense of worth, goodness and agency replace self-judgment and doubt.

This alone is breath-taking. But that’s not all that happens. As our inner world changes, like a mirror, our outer world changes. The science that explains why and how this happens is now solid.

I don’t have it all completely figured out yet. But I understand enough to reliably help people dismantle emotional blocks – even long-standing ones – rapidly in my One-to-One Sessions. And to get astonishing healing results in the Remote Sessions I do with my friend, gifted (and hilarious) Australian healer, Ken Graydon. I’m able to convey the principles and practices clearly enough that people in my PhD study reported a 91% satisfaction rate when they took my Big Brain Program and steered themselves towards chosen goals by doing inner work rather than taking outer action. I notice these results are getting ever faster, easier and more reliable all the time.

If you want to experience the impact of my work on your own life, health and/or professional practice, I have options! We could work together one-to-one, remotely, or in a small group setting. Perhaps you want to get your feet wet by taking one of my online trainings. They are experiments in consciousness designed to convey basic principles that you immediately apply to a situation in your own life so you can see the effects for yourself. If you are involved with a group or organization, I’d also love to speak at one of your events. I can introduce the basics in an engaging and experiential 90-minute presentation.

Let’s get to work!


My One-to-One options are for you if:

You understand the benefits of having a professionally-skilled partner to help you maneuver the challenges and opportunities of your complex life.

You are committed to your personal growth and are willing to invest time and money in your ongoing development and wellbeing.

You are brave enough to dive deep to release the inner limitations that have been holding you back, even if you’ve never done this before.

You enjoy real-time connection and transparency with someone you trust and enjoy.

You recognize that events from the past color your thoughts, emotions and behavior in the present. And you want to become free of their lingering influence.

You are willing to accept more goodness in your life and a degree of wellbeing beyond anything you’ve experienced so far.



Together we will work to evaporate whatever is weighing heavily on your heart; whatever negatively affects the quality of your daily life. Common topics include: achieving greater peace, purpose and stability, healthier relationships, work and career, overcoming obstacles, health, life purpose and meaning, self-awareness, spirituality and self-expression. As we talk, I’ll hear what you can’t. This allows for massive transformation, especially when a person is open to being surprised.


Hear what it’s like to work with me

Get started with a breakthrough session!

“I’ve worked with many coaches, Wendy is my favorite”

I hired Wendy to be my coach because she is always on the cutting edge of the newest technologies that move people forward to living a very cool life; a true pioneer in the world of coaching. On a technical level, she is among the most skilled coaches I have ever met; I always feel better after a session – her wonderful energy is contagious. Through the years, I worked with many coaches. Quite simply, Wendy Down is my favorite. And she’s an even cooler person!

– Drew Rozell
Ph.D. Writer, Coach, Trainer

“Wendy Down has had a dramatic impact in my life.”

Wendy weaves her natural and playful intuitiveness together with her masterful grasp of cutting edge science to produce nothing short of a transformational experience. She takes emotional healing to an art form. She lovingly inspires belief in one’s own worthiness. She embodies and shares something so magical, that with her guidance I have become aware of my huge potential for manifesting all levels of prosperity. And most importantly, I have experienced a greater sense of peace and joy. Thank you, Wendy.

– Barb Glover
Teacher, Writer and Artist of Living Well.

“The embodiment of pure love”

Wendy is the embodiment of pure love. Whether it be learning, having fun, teaching, listening, coaching, mentoring, exploring the world and consciousness, experimenting for the sheer joy of it , she is fully present to all that is and generously shares with anyone willing to pull up a chair, literally, energetically or virtually and have a listen. Her direct knowledge of all things being possible is exhilarating and inspiring. I can, without a moment’s hesitation, say, she is the finest human being I know and love.

– Grace Moore
Coach, Writer and Grief Tender

“I have had wonderful breakthroughs as a result of working with Wendy”

I have had wonderful breakthroughs in my life as a result of working with Wendy. She’s insightful, very intuitive and has a great sense of humor, which really helps take you out of a “problem” mindset into a playful, “what’s really possible for you” place. I highly recommend working with Wendy and her programs.

– Diana Long, M.S.
Professional Coach, Consultant and Speaker

“Magical moments. I always have an amazing breakthrough.”

The best way for me to describe working with Wendy is that she creates magical moments that result in immediate personal transformation. Working with Wendy has awakened me to a whole new way of thinking that profoundly affected my beliefs and resulted in a greater sense of ease in how I approach my life. All in just a few sessions! I always have an amazing breakthrough when I work with Wendy. And to top all that, she’s a lot of fun to be around!

– Karin Rozell
Marketing Coach for Coaches, Consultants and Practitioners

“Transform what’s painful into energy, power and grace.”

Wendy is unflappable. I came to her wanting to get my magic back. Many traumatic and difficult experiences had stolen what I prized so heavily. A deep listener, she took me through dark valleys where hurt, anguish and anger lay, brought me through those bogs and set me back on my feet more whole each time. As we worked and dug up the muck that hampered me or brought me back from the places I had fled to, the magic came back and not always in small doses. She exudes compassion and professionalism. I have yet to throw anything at her, from the mundane to the esoteric, that she hasn’t handled with aplomb. And we’ve found that for me to move forward in any area, the pain and grief must go first. From long experience I can honestly say, there’s no one better to help you transform what’s stuck and painful into energy, power and grace.

– Janice Dietert
Science Editor and Novelist