Miracles are ‘welcome events unexplained by current science.”
Our Remote Sessions foster them.

Remote Healing Sessions


Remote Healing Sessions offer a non-traditional route towards transformation of a subject important to you. My Australian healing partner, Ken Graydon, and I entangle our expertise, understanding and energy with yours to achieve tangible results that defy conventional explanations. Over the years, our results have continually become more reliable and now often leave us in a state of humbled awe and wonder.

When you choose a Remote Session, we focus ALL of ourselves – and we mean on every level – into bringing a grand new potential out for you.

We’ll interact by email and then entangle energetically (oo-ah), to change your body/health/life in a positive and observable way. We create a strong energetic structure to support observable, desirable results. It’s an experience in which you’ll be an equal partner.


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These Remote Sessions are for you if:

You have a health issue you’d like relief from, or an emotional, relationship, career or life situation you’d like to change.

You wish to alter your face or body in a pleasing way. (Full disclosure: We’re still experimenting with this one…)

You have a solid foundation for understanding that you are much more than your personality, mind and body.

You have experienced the mystical in some way and know there is more to life – to you! – than meets the eye.

You trust your intuition and your intuition says… yes!



No aspect of your life is off-limits. If you have an issue that hasn’t resolved using conventional means, why not see what’s possible when approached from this most integrated of means. Physical issues are our speciality, but our clients also report profound changes in emotional and mental wellbeing, relationships and finances. When we work remotely, we address your topic in its underlying form as waves fluctuating in (and as) the unified field.

When interacted with in this way, no particular thing (waveform) is more difficult to change than any other particular thing (waveform).  A mind-bender, we know.

“All that has shifted. I want to book another session.”

For years I’ve had issues with sleep. I’ve felt like I was in a pressure cooker of exhaustion; my brain just could not function, and I either needed to just die or start really living. Over the course of this past month, all that has shifted and softened. Immediately after the session I slept for 14 hours straight! I am more present and often able to stop myself when I get off course. I am able to do my day job with less effort and I have found that it is much easier for me to be in a state of gratitude than before. I want to book another session.

– Lori Thomas
Virginia, USA

“A huge shift. Thank you so much.”

Thank you so much for the healing. It’s a huge shift from a month ago with many changes in my lungs, immune system, legs, and organs. My breathing, nerves and muscles are growing stronger and more stable. My voice and speech problems are much better. Old traumas and problems from childhood were shed along with other deep, old traumas.

–  One of our Regularly-repeating Clients

“A big change. I’m thrilled.”

At ten o’clock exactly (boy, you two are punctual!) I felt you “arrive” and there we were: a threesome joined in what felt like a holy intention. No previous pattern was stronger. I sat there allowing, knowing this healing was blessing all of creation. My eyes now feel much more comfortable and I have hardly even thought about them at all. That is a big change! I wasn’t sure if the difference would show externally, and now, as you can see in the photos, the answer is YES! I’m thrilled.

Natasha Suter
Lover of nature, world cultures, dear friends and peonies

“My scar is less noticeable and continues to change.”

Almost immediately, my scar started to lose its redness and become softer, thinner and less dense. The edges became less distinct and started to blur into the healthy tissue around them. Weeks later now, the scare is less noticeable than before and continues to change.

– Kristin Knill

“Amazing and surreal.”

I’ve never seen energy before, but this time I could see EXACTLY what was going on! And what I saw was amazing and surreal at the same time. I completely conked out at the end and slept – in the middle of the day – for 2 hours straight.

“Stomach issues and arm pain lessened ”

“I purchased the session as a gift for someone who has felt many changes since. The acid reflux and bloating have been reduced and the pain from the left arm is less. The stomach is more calm and relaxed.”

These Remote Sessions are not for you if:

You do not believe it is possible to influence another’s health and well-being through non-local means

You don’t trust you can experience anything beyond what your mind easily understands

If getting real results from a session would challenge your thinking so much that the idea of it scares you

Part of you would find it satisfying to prove this doesn’t work


How these Remote Sessions work

Immediately upon purchasing your session, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to prepare for a self-scheduled, 30-minute session. Before the session, you’ll listen to a guided audio-recording. During your 30-minute remote session window, you’ll simply lie down and relax undisturbed with eyes closed. Afterwards, we will continue working with you, in the silent background, for an additional 30 days.

At the end, we’ll check in to find out what has changed for you and to celebrate together.


Read my phd study explaining the science

Benefits you’ll receive

  • A direct, personal experience of realizing an intention through non-local interaction
  • Engagement on every level with two people who know your desired change is possible.
  • The potential to experience a miracle or  ‘welcome event unexplained by current science’ in the form of relief from a physical, mental, emotional, relational or financial issue.

That’s Ken and I grinning on the right, happy for the rare experience of being on the same side of the globe.