Group Programs

Growth is richer when we grow together.

Get your spot in the new groups starting January, 2022!

When you join a group program, you will meet with me and a small group of others over a supportive 6 month period. Over that time, you'll become skilled at using the In Deeper Process to turn emotionally charged energy into calm and your life will gently and steadily transform.

We will meet for 9 75-minute sessions.

You’ll receive recordings of each session to review or catch up later.

Your personal growth, skill and enjoyment will be enhanced through regular practice sessions with one or two ‘buddies’ from the group.

You’ll supercharge your progress and fine-tune your abilities through 2 private 50-minute One-to-One Sessions with me.

You’ll receive complimentary membership in The Big Brain Change Program. The 30 Shifts in this online program will bolster your understanding of the underlying science and support your practice. (a $249US value)

You’ll get free access to my Introduction to Emotional Mastery Mini-Program that introduces you to the In Deeper Process. ($99US value).

The cost is a one-time payment of $1250US.

Or you can make 2 instalments of $650US.

If you'd love to take part but don't have the funds, join my online Learning Community instead. Others like you and I are discussing this stuff for free every day.

My Group Programs are for you if:

Some of your favorite memories took place in a small group setting where you felt comfortable, understood, relaxed and supported

You long to meet other people who are like you

You absorb a lot when you can see how others are tackling the same challenges you are tackling

Your know your growth and skill would be enhanced by practicing with a buddy or two between sessions

You feel both nervous and excited to know and be known by others on a deeper level

You want to learn and get good at using the In Deeper Process.


decide by booking a breakthrough session

‘Forever changed and forever grateful.”

Wendy Down is one of the most giving and generous people I’ve ever met; also one of the wisest. Her way of simplifying confusing information is one of her greatest gifts. I am forever changed by this class and I am forever grateful for it. If you are looking for a simple, direct way to begin to shift your perspective, thinking and emotions toward a more positive reality, I can think of no better way than a Wendy Down coaching class.. If I had known what I’d be taking away, I might have walked over hot coals for it.

– Neva Howell

“Not in my wildest dreams could I have come to this place”

It feels like I have a ‘do over’ button and can start a new life that before now I had no reference of. Not in my wildest attempts of thinking outside the box could I have come to this place.

– Anita Phelps
US Government Administrator

“Life changing. The key I was missing.”

I have done A LOT of other programs, from Abraham-Hicks to Dr Joe Dispenza to Matrix Energetics. Wendy’s program gave me the key I was missing, This program has been life changing for me.

– Renee Wade
Author of The Living Earth Handbook

“Amazing inspiration.”

So fun! Wendy takes us beyond our imagination and we discover our true selves.

– Dr. Michael Nunnally

“Wendy has a marvellous curiosity and openness to exploring what is new.”

Wendy casts her net into what’s new and pulls out that which is interesting and of practical use for us personally and professionally.  She shares these tools with us, always supporting our growth and insisting that whatever we take from the calls be fun and honor what is true for us. It is a pleasure to join her in the play and exploration of consciousness.

– Leon Weiner
Human Software Engineer


  • The first 6 sessions are held twice monthly; the remaining 3 are held once monthly.
  • Introductory Groups held over Zoom on Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern.
  • Experienced Groups held over Zoom on Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern
  • Groups are assembled on an ongoing basis.

To be placed in the group most suitable for you, complete the application form below. You’ll receive a response within 3 days.

If you have not worked with me in the past nor taken one of my online programs, apply for an Introductory Group. Or if you prefer, book a  Breakthrough Session and as we work, your optimal group placement will become clear.