Emotional Skills Groups

Learn how to feel okay even on a difficult day.

You could start today.


This program could be for you if:


  • You want to feel calm, clear and stable in a situation where you currently feel stressed, anxious, frustrated or tense.


  • You want to learn the 5 steps to transform stressful or uncomfortable emotions into calm in real time.


  • You want to bring a practice of emotional wellbeing into your daily life in a way that feels natural, easy and intuitive.


  • You enjoy learning alongside others and know you would benefit from the support, conversation and practice of a small group learning situation.


  • You want my direct assistance over a leisurely 6-month time period in a cost-effective format.


  • You understand how your emotions influence events in your life and you want to get better at manifesting.


Imagine a day a few months from now when you can say:

I feel so different in daily life now. I’m much more calm, clear focused and in the flow. It’s like some of the buttons that used to get pushed aren’t even there anymore!

I feel confident in my ability to turn stress or distress into calm, because I now have a process that works.

I have a practice for uplifting how I feel that fits seamlessly into my life. It has become so natural that this is becoming less something I do and more something I am.

I understand now what kept me stuck in frustrating old patterns and what to do to change them for good. Everyone should learn this!

It feels great to have learned this within a small group setting. The camaraderie and support helped me through the challenges.

I feel less confused and overwhelmed by emotions now. I feel more ME! And I know that with my new skills, life is only going to get better.


‘Forever changed and forever grateful.”

Wendy Down is one of the most giving and generous people I’ve ever met; also one of the wisest. Her way of simplifying confusing information is one of her greatest gifts. I am forever changed by this class and I am forever grateful for it. If you are looking for a simple, direct way to begin to shift your perspective, thinking and emotions toward a more positive reality, I can think of no better way than a Wendy Down coaching class.. If I had known what I’d be taking away, I might have walked over hot coals for it.

– Neva Howell

“Not in my wildest dreams could I have come to this place”

It feels like I have a ‘do over’ button and can start a new life that before now I had no reference of. Not in my wildest attempts of thinking outside the box could I have come to this place.

– Anita Phelps
US Government Administrator

“Life changing. The key I was missing.”

I have done A LOT of other programs, from Abraham-Hicks to Dr Joe Dispenza to Matrix Energetics. Wendy’s program gave me the key I was missing, This program has been life changing for me.

– Renee Wade
Author of The Living Earth Handbook

“Amazing inspiration.”

So fun! Wendy takes us beyond our imagination and we discover our true selves.

– Dr. Michael Nunnally

“Wendy has a marvellous curiosity and openness to exploring what is new.”

Wendy casts her net into what’s new and pulls out that which is interesting and of practical use for us personally and professionally.  She shares these tools with us, always supporting our growth and insisting that whatever we take from the calls be fun and honor what is true for us. It is a pleasure to join her in the play and exploration of consciousness.

– Leon Weiner
Human Software Engineer

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