A Fast New Way to Influence Events (Free Audio)

Wendy Down
A Fast New Way to Influence Events (Free Audio)

Spring has arrived at Ontario, Canada. Baby robins now occupy a nest built precariously on the corner of a piece of art hanging beside my front door. (See the tiny beaks in the photo, above? Mama Robin chirped like crazy as I snapped away.)

These days a lot of my consciousness play time is spent in Remote Sessions with my Australian partner in healing, Ken Graydon.

In today’s free audio recording, you’ll discover a favorite new way I’m using to quantum entangle. As you listen, you too will leverage your consciousness to influence circumstances and events that seem to be outside you.   Even if those events are half-way around the world!

I applied this concept, which I’ve called Be the Relationship Between while working with a recent Remote Session client, Ron. That's also the name of the free audio recording you'll find here.

As per our protocol, Ron, Ken and I had agreed upon a 30-minute period to entangle in a quantum state one day.  For Ron, this meant that at our chosen time, he settled comfortably into a chair or bed, listened to our special Remote Session audio-recording, and then, eyes closed, ‘received his session’… alone in his personal space.   Later, he described the experience this way,

“An image of Wendy came to me 5 minutes before start of process – she is in my minds’ eye. 1 minute before start Ken appeared in my mind. At the start of the session, both appeared standing in front of me. We joined hands for a moment. Wendy then came over to me and put her hands on back of my neck and did some work. This is significant because I had just met with my neurologist who now agrees that arm problem is primarily result of stenosis in neck, and not MS. After a time a Christ-like figure appeared and joined the group. We all held hands for a moment. I gave thanks for his appearance. Got some aching on left side of neck and shoulder which indicates that some change is taking place. After a time Wendy and Ken said their good byes. Shortly after that I was compelled to open my eyes and then 2 seconds later my timer went off indicating 30 minutes had passed. What a phenomenal time.”

Since the session, Ron has noticed a very unexpected, very real and welcome change.  In his own words,

“It was not my intention when I worked with you, but what has evolved is quite remarkable.  Now when I am working [as a healer] with someone, I quite often actually “see” things happening, or appearing to change, in their body.  So far, the results that I am seeing seem to track actual changes occurring in the person, although I have not gotten feedback on everyone I’ve worked on.  For example, in my first experience since our session, I was [working] on a client’s buttocks just below the hip. I was able to see the musculature system move around as healing occurred.  Also, I recently taught a two-session course entitled “Body Heal Thyself” to a group of seniors.  During the class I did some work on some volunteers and afterwards got positive feedback that changes had  occurred.  Most in the class were amazed to observe the “miracles” that we take for granted.

Cool, huh?

With Ron’s story in mind, check out the 18-minute recording I just made that lets you ‘Be the Relationship Between…’ to access the quantum-entangled state like I like to do.


And of course, Ken and I would love, love, love to quantum entangle with you this week!  

Sign up for a Remote Session and you’ll immediately receive instructions for participating with us for a full 30 days in a quantum transformation on any topic of your choosing. All the details are right here. Who knows what the surprising changes might include for you!