Because The Beans are Coming

Hey, it’s Wendy.  How you doing today?

I’ve got something awesome in the works for you.

It’s something that I and 3 talented, creative and well-respected consciousness teachers are cooking up for you.

Right now, we’re preparing to start spilling the beans about it. (Thus the random shot of me holding a can of beans, above.  Clearly I’m no professional actor but instead a Life Coach standing with a can of beans in the hallway outside my office.)

Just one bean on Tuesday though.  Because, like Christmas, it’s fun to anticipate and savor a happy upcoming occasion. Especially one that involves presents.

On Tuesday, I’ll share the details of a project that my Remote Healing Session partner, Ken Graydon, and I worked on in recent months.  It was specifically designed to document a pre-determined tangible physical change after entangling with a third person in the non-local state where we are all one.  

(Yes, there.  An exquisite state I highly recommend getting cozy with.)

There will be photos.  And news that a research scientist and professor at a respected university was involved.  Because we wanted to be as legit as we could about quantifying and measuring.

That experiment in non-local influence is the first bean we’ll spill because it led to the creation of a New Experiment you can become part of soon too.

So look for that bean here on Tuesday.

And know that you’ll soon be invited to something that feels a lot like Christmas.  

Without the snow or the massive rush to any shopping malls.