Can This Really Happen?

Last week, my husband, Dwayne, and I ditched the kids (to their delight) and spent a few happy days exploring a big US city.  (That's us, in the photo above.)

Today’s article is short, pointed and sweet.

You’ll read something, understand something and then, if you’re so inclined, do something.

The thing to read is a short paragraph sent to Ken Graydon and I by a woman, Brenda, who had a Remote Session with us last week.  Her intention was to reduce her bust size.

First, let me add two asides:  We never have or will post comments or photos from our sessions without receiving permission first.  Some folks say yes, some say no, and that’s exactly as it should be.

Secondly, while we ask for ‘before and after photos’, in this case we all agreed to bypass any sharing of delicate photos and enjoyed some good-natured jokes instead.   Here’s the report Brenda sent us a few days after her session:

“Hi guys! So far so good. I really believe my bust is getting smaller.  I sometimes feel energy moving around there and it’s a slow process but it seems to be working. What was amazing was the other areas of myself that I wanted to work on and you didn’t know about also are slowly improving. I felt you both working with me and even on the parts we didn’t discuss. It’s a magical process, truly amazing.”

In those few, short sentences, Brenda teaches 4 important points about remote work.  

Those 4 points are the ‘something’ I want you to understand today.

1) Brenda’s physical body is clearly responding to her Remote Session in actual, physical ways.  Her words convey her thrill at this really happening.

2)  Notice how Brenda describes energy moving in her body.  With remote work, noticeable changes may be preceded or accompanied by changes that are too subtle for the 5 physical senses to pick up.   In their own right, these energetic changes are exciting as confirmation that something very real is happening.

3) Brenda mentions that the changes are occurring slowly.   She knows that change is underway and is content to allow it to unfold at its own pace.  This is the ideal stance to assume when receiving remote work.  The truth is, once we entangle on the quantum level, we remain entangled.  As Ken and I continue to work in the quantum realm, everyone we’ve worked with continues to tap into new possibilities too.

4) Aspects of Brenda’s life are changing that she didn’t even mention to us!  Remotely working with an individual allows us to invite the undifferentiated wholeness they really are to express itself in optimal new ways.   The manifestations that wholeness can produce aren’t restricted by what our minds believe is possible or reasonable!

Understanding those 4 points brings you to the last step of this article:  identify the ‘something’ you want to do with this.  Because if you want to be someone who has some of what Brenda’s having, you state that by taking action, my friend!

One action would naturally be to book your own Remote Session with Ken and I.  (Bet you know I was going to say that and, if it can work, why not?)