Got a Problem? Do the Spaceman! (Free Audio)

Wendy Down
Got a Problem? Do the Spaceman! (Free Audio)

These days as I work with folks experiencing problems of all kinds, I just want to shout,  “There’s a way out.  And it’s so straight-forward!”

And you, my friend, can discover that way out for yourself right here and right now.  If you like.

Just choose a specific problem and take 30 minutes to let me show you the way out of it using a technique I’ve nicknamed ‘the Spaceman’.  

See the photo of planet Earth from space, above?  As you look at the gorgeous swirl of blue and green, you know that up-close those colours become churning oceans, scalding deserts and dangerous icy mountain peaks. But from the broader perspective from outer space, those conditions aren’t dangerous at all!  From the silence and distance of outer space, those same conditions on Earth look, well, exquisitely beautiful.

Don’t they?

When we’re caught in the grip of a problem, it’s like being stuck on the surface of planet Earth, immersed in a raging storm, or high on a freezing mountaintop.

But since you are I are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ we come fully-equipped with the consciousness to experience any situation, not only from the all-consuming up-close-ness of it, but also from safety.  Way out in ‘outer (inner) space’.

Even if most of us don’t know this yet.

There’s a stillness in you just beyond the force field of the gravity of a problem.  When you finally break free,  suddenly, inexplicably, you’re wide-eyed with peace and perspective.

From a broader vantage free of the grip of thought and emotion, you can view and feel that very same problem with clarity and wisdom.

There’s a very real place in you where nothing is threatened by whatever is going on  in life. Here you know clearly and deeply that you are safe!

Always safe.

In today’s recording, ‘Got a Problem? Do the Spaceman!” let me be your guide to that ‘outer space’ where you’ll find the silence, peace and perspective that exists beyond every problem on planet Human, not matter what it is.

I promise.

This recording is yours to use right away now. Share a link to this page freely too!

Discovering the stillness of outer space inside you any time is one of the greatest gifts I was ever given and its one I want for you too.

Far beyond the perspective that you are… or are in… your body, lies a whole universe of fun, play and learning that you never thought possible.