How Interior Design Teaches Inner Peace

This week I spent some time studying interior design and say how it relates to the work I do as a Life Coach.

Several friends have said to me, Why are you doing this… when you’re so established already?”

To me, understanding how to create a more beautiful room is exactly the same as creating a more beautiful life.  Both require understanding how to use frequencies, (light and energy), intelligently.    I’ll show you how right now.

See the photo, above left?   Those are three super-size paint colors.   (I’ve set my 15 inch laptop beside them so you can see their glorious scale.)  This week I learned that when a room doesn’t look right, the usual reason is that the undertones of the neutral colours in that room are clashing. 

Every neutral color has either a pink, a yellow or a green undertone.  In my photo, can you see how the bottom color looks slightly pink, while the middle is more yellow and the top square is more green?

When it comes to color, the worst combination and the most common decorating mistake, is putting something neutral with a pink undertone next to something else with a yellow undertone.   It’s so common that I bet if you head right now to a place in your house that has never felt quite right, you’ll find something with a pink undertone (carpet, tile, wood or paint) alongside something (a wall colour or piece of furniture, say) with a clashing yellow undertone.  (If you don’t care about color, just scan the next part. I’m heading towards an important point that doesn’t require color-interest from you…)

Lift your eyes from the screen and take the time to actually go do this. Once you see it, you’ll start noticing this everywhere you go.  

You may also amaze your friends with your sudden insights into decor.

When one of the pink-yellow clashing elements is removed, your eyes and your whole body immediately relax.  Unconsciously, you sense the underlying harmony.

Try this out for yourself.  Find an object with a yellow undertone (clothing, even) and set it beside the existing yellow-toned item in your room.  Cover your eyes to block the pink-toned item from sight so you can only see the two harmonious tones.

Then bring the pink-tone back into sight.

Then block it from your sight again.


Your body relaxes when the tones match.   It’s exactly the same as listening to music that is in perfect harmony rather than out of tune.  When a singer sings in perfect pitch we feel the exquisiteness of the harmony.  It’s goose bump time.

The same with inner peace and your emotional system.

We all pretty much understand that different colors exist because light vibrates at different frequencies in the visible range of the spectrum.  Ditto sound waves which are energy vibrating in the audible range. Different rates of vibration = different musical notes.

Most people don’t yet understand that our inner worlds – in particular our emotions – are also vibrating waves of energy.  But they are!  That’s why anger feels different from embarrassment which feels different from joy.

Our eyes interpret vibrations in the visible realm as ‘colors’. Our ears interpret vibrations in the audible range as ‘sounds’.

And our emotional systems interpret vibrations in the feeling realm as ’emotions’.

Doesn’t that make perfect sense, now that I point it out?

Just as I showed you how easy it is to create harmony in your environment by pairing colors with similar frequencies, know you can create harmony in your inner space by tweaking your emotions.

Our emotional systems are actually designed to create harmony and inner peace.   And with practice anyone can generate frequencies of emotional harmony, no matter what’s going on in their lives.

I once worked with a woman who’d been severely abused as a child.  Over a number of months, we worked to harmonize every bit of the chaotic emotional patterns/tones she’d carried with her ever since.  We knew our work was complete when she was able to remember the events that had occurred and feel perfectly neutral and at peace about them.

When we were done, the events of her past had no emotional impact on her in the present.  She was free!

Mastering your inner world is what all my online programs and services help you do.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll find myself helping you create a beautiful palette of colors to match the harmony of your inner world!