How To Enjoy Chaos in One Easy Move (Free Audio!)

Wendy Down
How To Enjoy Chaos in One Easy Move (Free Audio!)

Last night, had you peered into my life at midnight, you’d have found me floating down the middle of a river. 11 of us were on rafts navigating through waters lit by the light of the moon.

It was so dark, the only photo I managed to capture was this one, left, of the almost-full moon glistening off the water in front of me.

Last night I had a vastly different experience of a familiar river; one I normally only see from a distance, in daylight, in glimpses snatched through the window of a fast-moving car.

Turns out that familiar river is alive with smells, sounds and motion (on every level) I don’t normally perceive.  From my new position, the familiar became transformed into something memorable and new.

Today I made a recording designed to give you an equally novel and unfamiliar experience… of your life.

It’s possible, from this vantage point you may find your life infinitely more enjoyable.

Maybe even peaceful and heavenly, I don’t know.

The recording is called How to Enjoy Chaos in One Easy Move.

In 22 minutes it takes you through a really cool new way to be fully engaged in your life from a perspective I highly doubt you’ve ever tried before.

At least I’ve never heard anyone else describe this particular move.

In the recording I teach you the one easy internal dipsy-doodle actually enjoy the challenges of your life, including uncertainty, fear, indecision and chaos!

This move also instantly gives you the internal distance required to change an aspect of your life (an external situation, an unwanted emotional response, and even your physical body) you have been strongly ‘identified’ with.

Its a shift in knowing who you are.  This shift is the basis for all self-empowered transformation and change.  

Immerse yourself in the recording and see what happens, both as you listen and again later, when you practice this move again. And then again.

And then again. Enjoy!

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