I've enjoyed feeling indignant about this.

Every Friday in my online Learning Community, I ask members:

"What happened this week that you learned from, appreciate or are proud of yourself for?"

Last Friday I described an a-ha of my own which I'll share here with you as well because it was an insight into how much I was enjoying the feeling of indignation.

Normally any time I feel emotional discord, my first thought is to use my In Deeper Process to help the discord transform into peace, stillness and coherence instead.

But there has been one subject in my life where I have preferred to feel indignant. From a human perspective, if I spelled out the details, you would agree that I am justified in it.

And feeling justified about feeling indignant is satisfying because my human ego loves to be right.

As I recognize this, I understand that I am at choice about how I feel about this subject.

I can continue to feel indignant - and have the satisfying experiences associated with that - or I can choose to use the In Deeper Process and feel through the sensations of indignation. Should I choose that, sweet coherence will replace the familiar discord that reverberates in my emotional field.

I know for sure that once I make that choice, I will feel completely differently about the subject. I will view if from a higher, wiser, kinder, less gripping perspective. I'll much prefer that perspective once I've chosen it.

I know this because I've experienced this very shift on many, many subjects. I also see it happen in my practice every day with the people I work with who choose feeling better over feeling right.

Once we've experienced this shift, it becomes very inviting because the difference is so profound. We give ourselves healing on the deepest, most integrated of levels. Which, incidentally, is extremely healthy for our bodies.

But I have to choose that coherence in order to have it.

And until last week, I wasn't sure I was ready to be done with the juiciness of indignation.

The necessity of making the choice why I included 'Decide' as Step 2 in the 5-Step In Deeper Process.

My emotional state and perspective only shift once I decide they can and that I want them to.

As a society, we don't realize we can choose and we also don't know HOW to choose. But any of us can learn.

For me personally, learning exactly how to choose how I see a situation and feel about it is the greatest gift I have ever received. It's the reason I'm so committed to understanding, practicing teaching and sharing the how-to's of this massively underused innate capacity we possess.

I didn't actually recognize I'd been choosing indignation over peace, wisdom, health and all-is-wellness. But as of today, I've made the choice. As I let the indignation go, I find myself actually savouring it.

'You done me wrong' has lots of rich substance; its energy is addictive. Mentally and emotionally replaying a well-rehearsed litany of events is super-engaging and satisfying.

And yet, as of today, I'm ready for what I know will be better, even if I can't fully imagine what it will be like on this subject.

As I consciously work with the sensations of indignation in my body, I already know that a wiser, softer perspective awaits. And I will be surprised by new details that will arise, both in my perspective and in the events that will follow in my life as a result.

If you're on the cusp of being ready to make a shift like this in your own life and want to experience what it's like to shift from a feeling like indignation to wise peace in real time, consider my Introduction to Emotional Mastery Mini-Course. In it, you'll experience this shift on your own - but with my help - at home.