How You Know It All Works Out (Free Audio!)

Wendy Down
How You Know It All Works Out (Free Audio!)

Over the weekend I was at the Omega Institute in New York (That’s me, above, and the gorgeous atmosphere at Omega, ). I went to taste past life regression – and future life progression – with world-renown psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss.

After 3 days of clearly re-experiencing events of the past and future, I came home with one profound ‘we-can-all-heave-a-big-deep-sigh-of-relief’ insight.

Every challenge, every problem, makes absolute sense for each of us in the larger picture. And everything, every bit of it, all works out in the end.

If you could know this while you’re still in the midst of it, wouldn’t that knowing change everything?

And you can.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, in the end you will discover you’re ok. (Way more than ok, in fact.)

And you’ll see how, despite appearances to the contrary at times, it all worked out.

You can know, not just believe or hope, but actually know that whatever is going on in your life has meaning and purpose for YOU far beyond what you currently understand. And feel the peace and calm of knowing that with certainty now.

It all works out!  And you can know that, for sure, even before you get to the ‘end’.

To experience this for yourself, find a quiet spot where you can tune out the outside world for 30 minutes. ‘Cuz that’s what you’ll need to get the full impact of this new recording called How to Know It All Works Out In the End.