Want a goal of yours to be in my PhD study?

I hope you are doing well since we last chatted here.  I’m writing because I’d love to reconnect with you again. And to help you reach a goal (or intention) that’s important to you right now.

But first, how have you been?  What’s new?

On my end, the short answer is I’ve been immersed in my PhD studies (in Integrative Medicine) and understanding even more clearly the science that explains how we can shape our lives, our responses to life and even our physical bodies.  

So lately my private coaching sessions have been brimming with exhilarating conversations, lighter ‘techniques’ and greater certainty than ever that the specifics of our lives can shift quickly, playfully and easily.

And now I’m ready to bring all of that to a larger group (you!) and to test it with a research study upon which my PhD success or failure will depend.

(no pressure there…)

I’ve been readying myself for this for awhile and today, I’m letting you know I’d love for you to take part.  And how.

As background… to complete my degree I’m required to complete a research study.   After months of tossing around possible ideas, I’ve decided to make my study super simple.

In a nutshell, the purpose of Life Coaching is to close a gap between where a person is on a particular subject and where he or she wants to be.

And so I’m going to measure how reliably and effectively I do that with people.

During my 20 years as a Life Coach, I’ve accumulated a diverse tool box for gap-closing.  And I continue to find new ways to let that happen more quickly, more easily, with more fun and certainty for more people. At least, from one-to-one reports and my own observations.

But to measure that in a more quantifiable way, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll launch a 6 month experiment.

If you take part, you will identify a goal or intention you want to reach/realize/be living 6 months from now.  

It can be on any topic – health, career, relationship, whatever.  You choose and I’ll help you refine.

Then, for the next 6 months, you, me and the other participants will support you in getting there.

Then after 6 months, we’ll see if you did or didn’t meet your goal – or even had something better happen! After all, no need to limit yourself, right?


2021 update: this program is now available as my Big Brain Change Program. You can still take part by joining today!