What Goal Are You Ready to Realize?

Today's article looks at a goal you have right now and how an unconventional - and tested - approach might be your best path to realize it.  (In the photo, above, is my daughter, Haley, relishing her dream of taking a solo trip to France.)

In my PhD research study, I took a group of 50 people through a process of seeing whether they could meet a specific goal by doing 'inner work' alone.  

It tested a theory that underlines my coaching approach - that adjustments we make on the inside yield, through physics, changes we can observe on the outside.

At the end of the study, my theory was supported by their results; a 91% satisfaction rate!

The exact same online program my study group took is now available for you to take too.  It's called The Big Brain Change Program

So if you're interested in finding out whether you too could achieve a specific goal by doing inner work alone, let me ask you an important question, "What would you want?"

Specifically, I’m curious to know what goal you’d most like to realize if you could achieve it over the next 7 months (Because that's how long the Big Brain Change Program is.)

And even more importantly, why do you want to achieve that goal?  

(The why matters a lot.)

Its ok if you only have a general idea or are considering a few options. But getting clear about what you want and why you want it is important if you want to achieve it by doing inner work.

Putting your desired goal into words – even better, in writing – will actually move you forward on it.  

And taking the time to do it will help you gauge how into this you really are.

I’ve coached people through almost every life experience. And at its essence, my job is the same no matter what the topic.  I help folks make the shifts or changes on the inside that ready them for the life changes they seek.

When we change our inner state (the way we feel, the things we believe and our set-point responses and interpretations) on a particular aspect of life, it sets the stage for the external situation to change too.  From a consciousness-based perspective, our inner relationship to a situation is inextricably ‘entangled’ with the situation itself; in effect, our experience of the situation and the situation are one thing although we experience them as two.

For this reason, changes in the former result in changes in the latter. And since our inner world is way more malleable and responsive to intention than our outer world, making changes there first is where the greatest power or leverage is.

After so many years of working with myself and others in this way, the inner human world has become my wheelhouse, my comfort zone. I understand the geography of emotion, their energy and their connection to thoughts, events and our bodies. And I know how a person can learn to reshape their inner space – how we feel – with skill and ease.

Teaching others to become adept at renovating their inner world is my strongest skill set and my greatest joy. And most people – including young kids and those with no particular interest in the physics of it – can get very good at doing it, very fast.

So today, take the first step by getting clear on a specific goal you'd love to realize and why you'd love to realize it.  

To do that, grab your favorite note-taking device and answer this question,

“What goal do I want to have reached 7 months from now?”

And "WHY do I want this?"

And once you've done that, click over to The Big Brain Change Program and take the next step by signing up for my help in realizing it.