I Keep This Sign on my Desk


I keep this little sign on my desk that says, ‘LET THE FIELD DO THE WORK.’

It’s a reminder that an intelligence far beyond my own is present and ALSO focussed on whatever I’m focused on. That from an infinite storehouse of resources, it is extending something useful... right now.

'The field' is a quantum physics term I for what also might be called your body’s intelligence, your subconscious, Source, God or any other word that suits you.

Working with emotions is the ideal place to practice letting the field do the work because they are localized forms of energy that we can tangibly feel shifting as the field alters them in real time.

You can practice by noticing an uncomfortable emotion by paying attention to its sensations in your body. If you invite the field to do the work of changing those sensations - and continue paying attention - you'll feel the field adjust, soften, dissipate them. The longer you pay attention, the more the sensations will change. Until there's nothing to keep your attention on anymore.

Over time as trust and experience with this grows, you can start to expect your emotional fields change in desirable ways increasingly rapidly, easily and reliably.

Letting the field do the work brings wonder that we are supported by the intelligence that knows us better than we know ourselves.

This week, I invite you to join me in having a written reminder to 'LET THE FIELD DO THE WORK’. If you want to let me know what happens, email me with THE FIELD' in the subject line.