Your Brain is Evolving: here’s what’s ahead.

Earlier this week I spent time in Las Vegas followed by a trip to the Grand Canyon. The contrast between these two environments was dramatic. The busyness, stimulation and round-the-clock activity of Vegas seemed light years away when remembered from the quiet stillness and vast, awe-inspiring nature of the Grand Canyon. This contrast reminded me of the even greater contrast that exists within our very noggins. I’m referring to the dual perspectives of our lives offered by our left and right brain hemispheres.

Our left brain perceives life like Las Vegas, paying close attention to moving parts, danger and risk. By contrast, our right brain revels in the wordless, peaceful, staggering natural beauty of a Grand Canyon. Both perspectives have their place and, as humans, we are entering a new phase in which we will understand and combine these dual perspectives in satisfying and powerful new ways.

Our brains are evolving and the functions of the hemispheres starting to integrate. This is bringing thrilling new understandings of who and what we are and yielding solutions to our most pressing global problems. As popular visionary, Yuval Noal Harari recently said, “It is very likely that we are one of the last generations of homo sapiens and that within a century or two we will be replaced by something profoundly different” (Source).

Until now, most of us have leaned almost exclusively into our left (Vegas-style) brain perception. Here we experience ourselves as individuals moving about in a solid world of separate objects and situations. This perception appears real because our left brains read the universe as though it is made of solid particles. To your left brain, you are simply an object amongst other objects. This perception is also the source of fear, loneliness, judgement, worry and anxiety.

Meanwhile – even right now – an alternate perspective is being conveyed by your right brain as it reads the universe as one unified field fluctuating in endlessly fascinating waves. While odd-sounding, this is actually the more accurate reality. As children, most of us were more immersed in a right brain perspective but over time, tuned it out. Most adults have become highly skeptical of it’s comforting, soothing, restorative ‘vibe’ even while intensely yearning for it. In our right brain, we know ourselves as inseparable from everything else. We feel safe, loved, known and eternal.

At this stage in our evolution, these dual perspectives are merging into a rich, new way of being. If your right brain has been sitting in the back seat for a long time, it might be hard to imagine what this natural evolution would be like for you. Or whether you’d want it. So let me paint a picture of the fabulousness that arises as your brain starts operating more cohesively.

In short, with both sides of your brain operating harmoniously, you experience the inner peace, wonder and natural awe of an inner Grand Canyon while fully engaged in the thrills of your daily life in Las Vegas. You fully relax into the deep peace of an unwavering okay-ness while enjoying the specifics of your individual daily life.

If you like this prospect, you can actively foster this evolution within yourself by joining my Big Brain Change Program. 

But that’s just scratching the surface of what lies ahead. Here’s more.

I’ve mentioned Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor to you before. Her book My Stroke of Insight chronicled what it was like for her, as a neuroscientist, to experience life with only her right brain functioning after her left brain was temporarily wiped out by a stroke. It’s a great read and I suggest doing so if you plan to join the Big Brain Change Program.

Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor said, “My left mind thinks of me as a fragile individual capable of losing my life. My right mind realizes that the essence of my being has eternal life… Knowing that I am part of the cosmic flow makes me feel innately safe and experience my life as heaven on earth (My Stroke of Insight, p. 160).

  • Your right brain is always living in the ‘now’, so it has no worries about the past or fears about the future. Rather, each moment feels full and complete, there is no rush to get anywhere else. You relish simply ‘being’. Peace and bliss engulf you, even while under a deadline at work, or racing your kids to various activities.
  • You feel at one with the universe, losing distinction between where you end and everything else begins. You no longer feel small and isolated, and instead, know yourself as unlimited and expansive. (This is absolutely delicious and so difficult to describe. Much better you experience it by taking the Big Brain Change Program!)
  • Your sense of self becomes more fluid, less rigid. Understanding your eternal position in the flow of life, you feel less compelled to maintain a certain fixed identity. You start being happy as you are right now. The pressure to define yourself by the limitations and definitions remembered by your left brain is decreased.
  • Your right brain guides you to free yourself of unwanted emotional reactions and old baggage. You learn to turn stress into equanimity. Power, relief and joy arise as you gain control of your inner life.
  • Your senses start to perceive things, not as distinct from one another but rather as energy interacting. The world appears brighter, clearer, more alive. Your intuition is heightened and your trust it more.
  • You become aware of the energy you bring to situations and the energy that other people bring. With this awareness you learn to manoeuvre energetically through situations with grace, compassion and wisdom.
  • You start to sense what people feel and you understand their intentions with fewer words. As Dr. Bolte-Taylor put it, “I found it fascinating to be so tuned in to energy dynamics and body language. But most of all, I loved the feeling of deep inner peace that flooded the core of my very being.”
  • As you experience yourself interwoven as the whole, you gain the knowledge that everything is always okay, even when you don’t know the details of what lies ahead. The health benefits of this relaxation cannot be overemphasized.
  • You discover the ability to determine your own emotional states. As Dr. Bolte-Taylor described it, “I learned I had the power to choose whether to hook into a feeling and prolong its presence in my body, or just let it quickly flow right out of me… I suddenly had much more say about how I felt and for how long, and I was adamantly opposed to reactivating old painful emotional circuits.”
  • Since your right brain is permanently dialed in to the quantum field where all knowledge and potential exist, you can receive insights in big blocks, like ‘downloads of information’ . You are certain without knowing how you know.

And finally, Dr. Bolte-Taylor’s words nicely summarize:

“…the most fundamental traits of my right hemisphere personality are deep inner peace and loving compassion. I believe the more time we spend running our inner peace/compassion circuitry, then the more peace/compassion we will project into the world. The clearer we are about which side of our brain is processing what types of information, the more choice we have in how we think, feel, and behave not just as individuals but as collaborating members of the human family Our right brain is capable of detecting energy beyond the limitations of our left mind… to perceive and decipher the subtle energy dynamics we perceive intuitively. Since the stroke I steer my life almost entirely by paying attention to how people. places and things feel to me energetically (p. 167). “Our right brain perceives the big picture and recognizes that everything around us, about us, among us and within us is made up of energy particles that are woven together into a universal tapestry. Since everything is connected, there is an intimate relationship between the atomic space around me and within me, and the atomic space around and within you – regardless of where we are.”

Can you relate to any of these experiences? Would you like to experience more of them?

If so, consider grabbing a copy of “My Stroke of Insight” and also checking out my Big Brain Change Program: 30 Shifts to Evolve your Brain and Transform your Life.