Try the Boiling Drop of Water Experiment

Last week I shared an experiment to show yourself how easily a difficult emotion can change by playing with it.

The experiment involved naming an emotion you wanted to feel more and then, whenever you felt a negative emotion, you'd take a moment to notice BOTH the negative emotion AND the simultaneous presence - in the background - of your named, preferred emotion.  This week, I'm naming the experiment the 'Boiling Drop of Water Experiment' for reasons I'll explain below.

A woman in my online learning community reported that when she did this something amazing happened. In her words,"When I acknowledged that I was feeling angry AND peace, the anger left ... I was surprised yet elated."

She asked, "What are your thoughts on this Wendy?"

Today I want to explain why this wondrous phenomenon happens and how to take advantage of it!

It's true, negative emotions can easily dissolve when we acknowledge and allow ourselves to experience the simultaneous presence of a positive state of being like peace that already exists in the background.

In the experiment description, I said, 'Our uncomfortable emotions are temporary experiences... By contrast, the feelings we want more of - love, appreciation, strength, wisdom, all-is-wellness - are actually permanent states of being, part of our essential nature and always present in the background no matter what. These states are who we really are behind and beyond our human experiences.'

Here's a near-perfect analogy. Think of dropping a drip of boiling water into huge pool of still water.

What would happen?

The boiling-ness of the drop wouldn't be able to sustain itself in the pool; it's energy would simply disperse effortlessly into the much larger body of water and the drop would become part of it.


Anger, fear, shame, etc are actually MADE of the background peace and stillness that is our permanent essential nature.

Mic drop; anger/shame/fear is peace vibrating in a particular temporary form.

Just like a drop of boiling water, difficult emotions like fear or anger require an ongoing infusion of energy and intention (your energy and intention) to maintain their form.  We don't realize we are unconsciously maintaining these emotions but we CAN learn this and, if we like, learn to do otherwise.

In the experiment, when my community member was willing to feel both anger AND peace, she was cueing her body to drop the anger into the vast field of peace that she actually IS - the pool of still water out of which the boiling anger had been unconsciously created in the first place.

In her willingness to acknowledge the presence of both anger and peace existing in the same place - her body - the anger just couldn't maintain its separate form and dissolved into the much more substantial, foundation background field of peace.

Now that you've heard this explanation, I'd encourage you try the Boiling Drop of Water Experiment again this week and see what happens this time.

I have a prediction!

Understanding HOW something happens in our consciousness often helps it start happening more easily and quickly. I bet if you tried the Boiling Drop of Water Experiment last week and want to try it again, you'll notice a stronger presence of your desired state of being more quickly and easily this time.  Try it and see!


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